John, from Cox Communications: "I was very impressed with the support we got "

Thanks a lot to John for accepting to be interviewed about how he uses Speechi at Cox. It’s always nice to see support efforts are appreciated by customers, even if support is 9 hours time-lagged !

1. What attracted you to Speechi initially?

After searching for a simple, cost effective program that would easily convert PPT to Flash that took around one week, we found Speechi. It seemed to answer all that we needed in one product.

2. What problems did you want Speechi to solve?

It takes a long time to learn Macromedia Flash and we needed to get PPT over to Flash format to save space and make the presentations easily accessible to anyone, even if they did not have PowerPoint or Office on their PC. Time is what Speechi is saving us the most, precious time.

3. How easy was it to get started with Speechi, and how many people use it regularly?

We had some initial problems getting Speechi to work on a corporate machine because of all the IT restrictions, but Speechi Tech Support from France helped us via e-mail and on the telephone. There are around ½ dozen of us in my department, I have shown two others besides myself how to use Speechi. It has a short learning curve and so far everyone has learned how to use it pretty quickly.

4. How do you use Speechi ?

We have many presentations we use during our new hire training, with Speechi, we can give the same presentation over and over again and have great consistency on the message we deliver, also, we can burn the Speechi to CD and students can take them to go over again if they need too. It saves us a lot time and provides students with more access to data and materials outside of the classroom.

5. Anything else ?

I was very impressed with the support we got from France, the founder called me multiple times before we ordered it to answer questions and their tech support was very good, and they were ½ way around the globe.

Thanks a lot Gunnar, for conducting the interview. (again !)

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