How Shasta College uses Speechi : an interview (seulement en anglais)

Shasta Bible College and Graduate School is a Four-year, Accredited Baptist College and Graduate School equipping Christian leaders for the 21st Century. The college is located in Redding, CA, and offers programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees in both Biblical Studies and Christian Teacher Education.
Mr. George A. Gunn, Dean of Admissions & Records, was instrumental in bringing Speechi to Shasta Bible College. Below he shares his experience using Speechi and how it is used at Shasta.

What attracted you to Speechi initially?
I had been looking for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to package audio and video from classroom lectures for use in distance education.
What problems did you want Speechi to solve?
Production of full video and audio of the actual classroom lectures was too expensive, required too much storage space on the server, required technical personnel to convert the video tapes to appropriate digital format and was not necessary (not really important that an on-line student see the professor’s face for much of the lecture).
How easy was it to get started with Speechi, and how many people use it regularly?
Speechi is very easy to use. The program installs like any other Windows program, and simply adds a menu to MS PowerPoint. Using Speechi is just as easy as using PowerPoint, there is no added technical expertise required in order to record a lecture using Speechi. We currently have two professors using Speechi, and others are planning on designing their lectures around PowerPoint so that they can record the lectures in Speechi’s format.
Give an example of how Speechi is used?
I can make a Speechi from any lecture that uses PowerPoint. Whatever appears on the PowerPoint screen gets recorded in the Speechi file, and whatever sound is captured by the microphone, gets recorded in perfect synchronization with the PowerPoint presentation. At the beginning of the lecture, I simply turn on the microphone and start PowerPoint. When the lecture is finished Speechi automatically saves all the audio and video on the computer’s hard drive. Later, the files are easily taken from the hard drive and either stored on a server or transferred to a CD for use in distance education courses.

(Thanks, Gunnar, for conducting the interview)

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