School in the face of the digital revolution

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The ongoing digital revolution is profoundly changing the processes of training and learning.

The rapid evolution of this field in recent years has gradually anchored smartphones, tablets, and more generally a multitude of digital products, in our daily lives.

The school is evolving to integrate these advances and making the most of new technologies.

Digital school objectives

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This transition to the digital school must provide each student with the same means to successfully integrate into professional and civic life.

The use of digital tools also allows the development of new pedagogical forms which, if mastered, improve teaching.

The evaluation of the uses and methods that result from it is also a key element in the success of the digital school.

Three possible directions for the digital school


ecran-interactif-speechitouchDigital, in various forms, has been in school since the late 2000s (interactive boards, computers, “digital classes” and now tablets). It should be noted that while new technologies are appreciated by teachers, parents, students and politicians, studies now show that they do not improve school performance.

It is therefore necessary to rethink the uses of these interactive solutions, adapt the courses to their use and take full advantage of all their functionalities. If they do not directly improve the school level, they can boost the classes and surely attract more attention from students.

The evaluation

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Evaluation is probably the most important and little-known factor in the upcoming educational revolution. As long as enough data is collected, statistics make it possible to identify deep general laws.

Digital technology makes the assessment of students, teachers and school policies much faster and easier, to the point where it becomes possible to direct all school policy through these new techniques.

With appropriate assessment tools such as our online assessment software “Je Lève La Main“, the school can become a process called “optimization under constraint”. As the evolution process continuously improves the performance of living beings, all initiatives can be evaluated, and the best ones selected and generalized.

The country that will benefit most from the digital revolution will be the one that knows best how to use these new assessment tools.

Programming instruction in schools

school programming software

Speechi is an active advocate for computer education as early as possible in school, starting in the sixth grade.

Computer science has become an indispensable science for the honest man of our time, but its presence in the common school base is almost non-existent. Investments in the use of digital technologies by students are increasing (interactive boards, digital classes) but training to understand how these technologies are developed is almost non-existent.

His teaching has become essential to understand the world around us. It is part of the general culture that every bachelor who intends to pursue higher education should have (with – and not against – Latin, philosophy, mathematics…).

It is not a question of creating a generation of computer scientists, nor was it a question of creating a generation of latinists or mathematicians. Simply to create citizens educated in this field, capable of understanding and, for the best, creating the tools of tomorrow.

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