The interactive screen: the best technical choice for a fixed installation.

If everyone had an unlimited budget for their equipment, the interactive screen would equip almost every room.

The interactive screen (in its tactile form) has many advantages over the projector or interactive board (or over systems with a projector). What’s more, our interactive displays are equipped with an Android core and can be manipulated, in every way, like a giant iPad (or a giant Android tablet). They are real tactile tablets, with a diagonal measurement of 2.13 m!


What are the characteristics of an interactive screen?

  • the quality of the image obtained is better (whether in contrast, sharpness, resolution)
  • no adjustment is required to obtain this image (whereas an ultra-short focal length interactive projector requires a competent installer to obtain a quality image)
  • the lasting life of the interactive screen is 10 times longer than that of the interactive projector (about 50,000 hours compared to about 5,000 hours for a good projector lamp)
  • no drop shadow when writing on a touch screen. Writing comfort is always maximum, while an interactive projector, even with an ultra-short focal length, always has a certain drop shadow
  • no risk of glare on a touch screen
  • on a touch screen, the interactivity is of an incomparable quality (finger or stylus) because the sensors are positioned all around the screen.

The interactive screen can be half as small as the equivalent interactive projector, at equal reading distance.

comparative interactive projector screen
For a given distance, should we choose the same display size for a projector as for an interactive screen?

The answer is no.

This conclusion results from the application of the Snellen test conducted on a 55” interactive screen and a 110” IVP.

Roughly comparing the diagonal of a touch screen with that of an interactive projector is a mistake. The excellent resolution of the touch screen and the quality of its image ensure, at the same size, a much higher visibility than the image of the interactive projector1.


The diagonal of an interactive touch screen must be about half as small as that of an interactive projector for an image to be perceived the same way on both display solutions.


Interactive board, interactive projector or interactive screen?

Interactive screen prices are similar to those of the interactive projector


Economic comparison of interactive displays and interactive projectors

In 2008, a 65-inch diagonal touch screen (1.65 m) cost around €10,000. It is now worth less than €4,000 (prices are still being reduced).

A 55-inch (1.40 m) screen is now worth less than €3,000.

This compares to the price of interactive projectors (on average around €1,500), to which must be added a much higher installation and maintenance cost, as well as lower reliability.


For smaller rooms, use the interactive screen

For all those who want to operate in small groups (less than 20 people), we already recommend the almost systematic purchase of an interactive screen 55 inches or 65 inches. Such a solution, for almost the same price as a video projector, is of infinitely better quality.

This recommendation applies:

  • to almost any company wishing to equip a meeting room for up to 20 people
  • in kindergarten / CP where interactivity is most often used in small groups (15 / 25 students maximum, often less).

Above 30 people, interactive screen or interactive projector depending on the budget… and the investment formula

The (unique) advantage of an interactive projector is the large size of the image (2 m to 2.50 m diagonal), which is obtained at a reduced cost (approximately €1,500 excluding VAT). The lifetime will be 3 to 5 years with some support and troubleshooting operations (lamp, filter) that can be estimated at about €1,000. A 84-inch touchscreen (2.13 m diagonal) cost currently less than €7,000 and will have an average life of 10 years, with no maintenance cost.

We can see that the 84-inch interactive screen, of infinitely higher quality than the interactive projector, will have an annual cost of about €700 compared to about €600 / year, at best, for an interactive projector.

Interactive screens in our shop

Education :
1 369 € excluding VAT
( 29,49 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 525 €
Business :
1 449 € excluding VAT
( 31,21 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 650 €
Education :
1 439 € excluding VAT
( 31 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 775 €
Business :
1 539 € excluding VAT
( 33,15 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 980 €
Education :
2 239 € excluding VAT
( 48,23 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 575 €
Business :
2 369 € excluding VAT
( 51,03 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 800 €
Education :
2 849 € excluding VAT
( 61,37 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 275 €
Business :
2 999 € excluding VAT
( 64,60 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 550 €

For large rooms, the interactive projector can be considered

Schools and high schools often have to manage classes of up to 40 people.

Moreover, they may not be able to amortize the investment over a period of 5 or 10 years and have a limited “overall” purchase budget.

In this case, we recommend that they purchase an interactive projector.

For companies with this need and the financial possibility to spread this investment out (borrowing, leasing or depreciation), we already recommend the purchase of a large interactive screen.


The interactive board: a material that is now outdated…

fixed interactive board exceeded
The fixed interactive board is a “2-part” interactive projector (interactive screen + separate projector).

Interactivity is most often in the table and therefore fragile.

The installation is heavier than that of an interactive screen or interactive projector.

These materials were somewhat successful in the late 2000s, but for all these reasons, and except in very specific cases, we recommend the purchase of a “monobloc” interactive projector or an interactive screen.

… except in its mobile form (mobile IWB)

tbi mobile
On the other hand, mobile interactive boards have very specific advantages and continue to be widely used in schools and companies (about 50% of the equipment we sell, about 25% of the French market according to our estimates).

See our page about the interest of mobile interactive solutions on this subject.

Whether or not integrated into mobile interactive cases (mobile interactive projectors) of the VanITy Bag or mini-ITsac, the mobile interactive board remains widely used in teaching and makes it possible to save up to a factor of 10 in terms of investment.

(1) These data result from the comparison on interactive screens and tactile IVP carried out in March 2017.