Mobile Interactive Whiteboards – All about mobile IWB

The mobile interactive board is one of the most widespread and practical interactive solutions for both schools and companies. It allows you to make your room interactive with a sensor and an interactive stylus. The mobile interactive board can be used on different surfaces (whiteboard, wall) and is very easy to install.

To boost your course, improve interaction with your audience and enrich your presentations, the mobile IWB is the ideal tool.

What is a mobile interactive whiteboard?

A mobile interactive whiteboard, or mobile IWB, is a mobile interactive device that allows you to annotate and interact with your presentation on different media, without any hardware constraints.

In France, “mobile interactive board” and “eBeam” have become synonymous, due to the great success of the eBeam mobile IWB over the past 10 years (in its different forms, Edge, Edge Plus or Classic, the eBeam interactive board is the most popular IWB in France with 60 000 units).

Mobile IWB: how it works

fonctionnement tableau interactif mobile

Write on both sides with the mobile IWB eBeam

  1. The projector projects your computer screen onto your whiteboard.
  2. The interactive sensor “transmits” your interactions with the stylus directly to the computer.
  3. You annotate, draw or control your computer directly via the projection surface.
  4. You can simultaneously write with a physical marker on one side (SmartMarker type) and use the IWB on the other side, on a surface of 5 meters wide.

Mobile interactive whiteboards in our online shop

You can buy the interactive boards from our shop, from the IWB eBeam Edge Plus to the mobile interactive projectors (or interactive cases).

Education :
499 € excluding VAT
( 10,45 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
509 € excluding VAT
( 10,66 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
579 € excluding VAT
( 12,12 € excl tax / month in leasing)
649 €
Business :
599 € excluding VAT
( 12,54 € excl tax / month in leasing)
799 €
Education :
1 737 € excluding VAT
( 36,37 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 947 €
Business :
1 797 € excluding VAT
( 37,63 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 397 €
Simple charger for eBeam Edge+
Education :
75 € excluding VAT
( 1,57 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
80 € excluding VAT
( 1,68 € excl tax / month in leasing)

Interactive whiteboards for use everywhere

tbi mobile : à utiliser partout

Unlike fixed interactive boards, mobile IWB are the interest very easily manipulated and can be used on different surfaces: a classic whiteboard or a simple white wall.

The hardware used by the interactive whiteboard is universal: you can combine it with any projector, any computer, whether it works with Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

Mobile IWB: a practical and efficient interactive solution

tableau interactif ebeam edge

Easy to transport, lightweight, the eBeam mobile interactive whiteboard is truly “portable”.

A wireless version exists, with a rechargeable battery for even more flexibility.

The mobile IWB can also be lent and shared. With an already very reasonable and accessible purchase price, the portable interactive board is the most advantageous interactive solution to date.

Mobile interactive video projectors (interactive kits)

Only one socket to plug in…. The mobile interactive projectors (SpeechiCase and mini-ITsac 2), totally pre-wired and containing the eBeam mobile interactive board, make your room interactive in less than 2 minutes. The VanITy Bag interactive projector is the first ultra-short focal length mobile interactive projector on the market (no annoying shadows when writing).

The mobile interactive board: the most used at school


The interactive board mobile eBeam has sold more than 60,000 copies in France, making it probably the most widely used in French schools today.

Easy to use, it works with a video projector whose classes are often already equipped. The possibility of sharing it between professors within the same institution is a real plus, allowing everyone to benefit from interactive technology for a low investment.

The use of mobile interactive whiteboards in companies

eBeam interactive board in business

Speechi mobile interactive boards are used in many school classes, but they are also well represented in companies.

Their ease of sharing and use is highly appreciated for meetings, seminars or training. In your offices or on the move, they give you more flexibility to make your presentations more dynamic.

Mobile IWB as intelligent markers

Very popular in companies – especially for brainstormings or meetings, mobile IWB using real markers allow more interactivity and exchange.

All your notes can be saved and shared live with your team, on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Discover the eBeam SmartMarker smart marker for note taking

IWB Speechi expertise

Since 2005, Speechi has been the first company focused on the development and integration of totally mobile solutions for better teaching and communication.

With a thorough knowledge of our mobile interactive whiteboards as well as issues related to teaching and communication in companies, Speechi and its partners will support you in the use of portable IWB.