Interactive Whiteboards – All about IWB

To boost your presentations or enrich your courses, the IWB or interactive whiteboard is the most commonly used interactive tool in history. It is currently the most widespread mobile solution in classrooms and meeting rooms.

Consisting of an ultra-thin mobile sensor and an interactive stylus, completed by a video projector and a computer, it allows you to interact on the projection surface.

How does an interactive whiteboard work?

interactive operating table

The IWB eBeam Edge Plus

Our interactive whiteboard uses the eBeam Edge Plus, consisting of an interactive sensor and pen.

Fixed on a whiteboard or placed on the surface of your choice, this module allows you to interact with the stylus directly on the projected image via video projector.

You control your computer, annotate your presentations and use the stylus like a mouse.

The fixed touch IWB

Our tactile interactive white board has an infrared sensor frame that makes its surface tactile. With this multitouch model, no need for a stylus, 10 fingers can interact simultaneously on the board.

Mobile or fixed IWB?

There are two types of interactive whiteboards:

  • The IWB fixed : interactivity is integrated into the whiteboard ;
  • The IWB mobile : the interactive sensor is mobile, you can install it on any surface (wall or interactive board).
The mobile interactive whiteboard

tbi mobile ebeam

The IWB most appreciated for its practicality, its mobility, the fact that it can be loaned between colleagues, whether they are teachers, trainers or business professionals.

It makes it very easy and almost instantaneous to transform any projection surface into an interactive whiteboard. There are two models available at Speechi: eBeam Edge + and eBeam Projection.

The fixed interactive whiteboard


The advantage of the fixed interactive board is that once installed, you will not waste time with settings (such as calibration for example), and can use it quickly when switching on.

It can be chosen with different types of supports, which allow the fixed IWB to be moved with castors, inclined or add a bracket for the projector.

All about fixed IWB

IWB or IDT: what are the differences?

You have already heard of the Interactive Whiteboard or the Interactive Digital Board. However, you don’t know if there is a difference between the IWB or the IDT? We tell you everything in this article!


In fact, both acronyms mean the same thing. They both refer to the same table, usually requiring the use of a video projector connected to a computer. However, some nuances should be noted.

When we talk about Interactive White Board, we necessarily mean a white surface and a physical board. However, a IWB is not necessarily a true picture. The image projected by the projector will be projected on a white surface. So it can be a wall painted white.

A IWB can also be called this way even if its surface is not white. We sell paintings with a green surface. These are fixed models, on which you can write with erasable chalk. This solution has many advantages. It will thus be possible to write on it in classic mode, reminiscent of the use made in the last century. The teacher or schoolteacher can also use it in computer mode, by activating the overhead projector and the computer. The name of IDT would thus be more accurate than that of IWB.

On our online shop, we give you all the information you need to choose your Interactive Board. Whether it is white or another colour, fixed or mobile, we will assist you to define the best uses. Our loan program is aimed at both companies and schools.

We will be able to talk with you by phone or in our showroom located in Lille!

The strong points of interactive tables

The fixed interactive whiteboards in our shop

Speechi expertise

Speechi is the first French publisher focused on mobile solutions, while offering innovative fixed IWB models that are particularly suitable for classroom use. We are the exclusive resellers of eBeam interactive boards, which are among the most popular interactive solutions with more than 60,000 units sold to date.

Come and discover our interactive whiteboards in the showroom Speechi, located in Lille.