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With a interactive digital board, also called IDB , you can display your computer screen on any projection surface and control it with a specifically adapted interactive pen.

These digital boards are mainly dedicated to the worlds of business, training and school. They will make it possible to revitalize training courses or courses with increased interactivity and to transform meetings professional sometimes monotonous.

The functioning of an interactive numerical board

interactive digital board operationThe interactive digital board works with an interactive sensor and an interactive stylus, which allow you to annotate directly on the image projected by the projector.

You can interact with your computer (Windows, Mac OS, Linux…) in a fluid way, transforming any surface or your whiteboard into a touch screen.

There are two types of interactive boards: the fixed IDB , where the interactive sensor is attached to the whiteboard, and the mobile IDB , which can be used on a whiteboard or wall and transported anywhere.

Mobile or fixed interactive digital board?

Mobile IDB


Le Mobile interactive digital board is the most practical, economical interactive solution, it has the advantage of being able to be transported and used anywhere.

The mobile interactive board can also be shared, between teachers or professionals, in order to further reduce expenses for a school or a company.

All about mobile interactive digital boards

Fixed IDB


The fixed interactive digital board is sometimes preferred, for a durable installation in a classroom, meeting or training room.

If your whiteboard remains stationary and you have already installed the necessary wiring to install the interactive whiteboard, the fixed IDB is an interactive solution that may be of interest to you.

All about fixed interactive digital boards

Mobile interactive digital boards in our shops

You can now purchase our mobile TBIs via our Speechi online shop.

Education :
199 € excluding VAT
( 4,17 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
219 € excluding VAT
( 4,59 € excl tax / month in leasing)

For a complete use of IDB

Interactive software for IDB

One of the great advantages of the different interactive boards at Speechi is the software for IDB eBeam Interact.

A real digital Swiss army knife, the floating palette that is always available will allow you to annotate all your presentations and interact very easily with your computer, via the projection surface. It has been designed to be very easy to use and very complete at the same time.

To complete its use, there is the eBeam Scrapbook software, which allows you to create rich and interactive slides directly with your interactive digital board.

Smart markers

An interactive digital board does not exclude the use of a “physical” marker: you can record and distribute all your notes with the Equil SmartMarker.

Thanks to a ring and a sensor, all your notes are digitally saved, while you write or draw on your flipchart.

With the interactive eBeam Edge + board, combine the use of a IDB and an intelligent marker at the same time, with the same hardware.

The fixed interactive digital boards (IDB) of our shop

Discover our fixed interactive digital boards, to equip your classroom, meeting or training room. You can buy them directly from our shop.

Education :
599 € excluding VAT
( 12,54 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
599 € excluding VAT
( 12,54 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
699 € excluding VAT
( 14,64 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
749 € excluding VAT
( 15,68 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
349 € excluding VAT
( 7,31 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
399 € excluding VAT
( 8,36 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
699 € excluding VAT
( 14,64 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
799 € excluding VAT
( 16,73 € excl tax / month in leasing)

All our interactive solutions

Speechi’s expertise in IDB

Since its creation in 2004, Speechi has sold more than 60,000 mobile IDB and fixed interactive digital boards, as well as many interactive solutions that we are constantly improving.

Speechi is more than 10 years of know-how in the service of education, training and communication in companies.

Permanent digital boards and interactive projectors are replaced by interactive screens

interactive touch screen

Mobile IDB have many advantages, more practical, lighter, easier to adapt to everyone’s use, they continue to be preferred by a majority of our customers. On the other hand, fixed IDB are gradually being replaced by interactive touch screens, which are gaining in interactivity, durability, image quality, possibilities…

Despite its relatively high purchase price, the Android SpeechiTouch touchscreen is currently the most cost-effective interactive solution in the long term.

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