Wireless presentation in companies and for education (BYOD)

There are 2 main categories of BYOD devices, allowing wireless presentation.

ezcast remote presentation

Present wirelessly

Your employees always have their laptop, smartphone or tablet with them.
It is possible via a Speechi key mirror to send the contents of their mobile device screen (photo, video, audio, PDF document) directly to an interactive screen or to a video projector in the meeting room.

interactivite sans fil

Present and interact wirelessly

A wireless presentation system such as WePresent, Clevershare or Wireless transmitter “Plug & Play” Speechi not only allows you to send the image from your laptop to the screen, but also to interact with it. It is therefore “equivalent” to a wireless HDMI link coupled with a wireless USB link (for interaction). The arrival of Smartphones and tablets in our daily lives is a factor that clearly promotes wireless presentation (BYOD). It’s hard to imagine the wireless presentation thirty years ago, isn’t it?

Wireless presentation at the heart of meetings and collaborative work in companies (BYOD)

we-present data sharing in meetings

Wireless presentation with Wepresent (BYOD)

The Wepresent wireless presentation system (BYOD) allows several people to collaborate remotely by broadcasting up to 4 screens simultaneously. Power the image of your smartphone on an interactive screen with a simple fingertip movement. Interact directly from the projected image.

système de présentation sans fil

Present wirelessly with DisplayNotes Mounting (BYOD)

Montage DisplayNotes is a collaborative presentation system, which allows up to 12 people to collaborate at the same time.Thanks to the wireless presentation, give a hand to your employees from their own equipment (BYOD), in person or remotely.

Shared interactivity from your PC or MAC on an interactive touch screen

Speechi wireless transmitter for interactive touch screens

Interact remotely with touch screens with the wireless transmitter

The wireless transmitter “Plug & Play” Speechi allows you not only to transmit the content of your PC/Mac on the SpeechiTouch interactive touch screens, but also to keep the interactivity offered by this range of interactive screens. Up to 8 wireless transmitters can be used per screen to transmit, project and share your content with virtually no latency.

Clevershare interact remotely with a Clevertouch screen

Share the interactivity of the interactive screen with Clevershare for Clevertouch Pro

Clevertouch’s Clevershare is a wireless transmitter with interactivity delivered with the interactive CleverTouch Pro screen.
This wireless transmitter allows you to control your screen from your computer and your computer from your screen, while maintaining interactivity.

Wireless presentation in the world of education (BYOD)

Le micro-cravate sans fil

Wireless microphone for live transmission or recording content

The Speechi wireless lapel microphone (BYOD) allows audio to be transmitted up to 15 meters away. Easy to use, it is a guarantee of quality for a successful presentation.

Wireless presentation with mirror wi-fi key (BYOD)

Wi-Fi mirror key for wireless data transmission (BYOD)

With the wi-fi mirror key you can transmit your smartphone or tablet (BYOD) screen directly to the device of your choice without any cables.

Wireless presentation and e-learning (BYOD)

Evaluation software and e-learning (BYOD)
BYOD in face-to-face and distance learning: from primary to higher education

Most participants in e-learning modules are equipped with a smartphone or tablet (BYOD). The same applies to students in amphitheatres in higher education (their equipment rate is over 95%) or primary and secondary school pupils in « tablet classes ». With the software ” Je Lève La Main “, you can make your entire audience interact live during your lessons but also improve your e-learning modules both in teaching and in business. Create user-friendly quizzes, enriched with images, videos and audio to engage students. As part of the teaching, students can answer the quiz after watching a video (reverse class) from their smartphone or tablet (BYOD). The next day in class, students will be able to wirelessly present the results of the quiz or share their difficulties with the class as a whole. Within the company, training costs will be significantly reduced. There is no need to move all employees to a physical location to ensure that a concept is assimilated. Create a quiz that can evaluate this concept. Your employees will answer it from their smartphone or tablet (BYOD), you will only have to analyze the results.