The wireless transmitter optimizes collaboration by projecting a PC screen onto your interactive screen

Content sharing is one of the most common collaborative practices, both at school and in the workplace. However, this principle of collaboration does not always mean productivity and simplicity. That’s why we have opted for the most minimalist and fastest BYOD hardware for installation: the wireless transmitter. Whether you have opted for a SpeechiTouch or Clevertouch interactive display, you will find a compatible wireless transmitter on our site.

Transmetteur sans fil Speechi pour écrans interactifs et tactiles

Interact remotely with your SpeechiTouch interactive screen

With the Plug & Play Speechi, wireless transmitter, share your Windows/Mac PC screen on your SpeechiTouch interactive screen without losing the interactivity of your giant Android touch screen. Quick to set up and easy to use, you won’t waste a minute of your meeting time or course schedule.

Clevershare interagissez à distance avec un ecran Clevertouch

Promote collaboration to your Clevertouch interactive screen

The Clevershare wireless transmitter allows you to transmit the content of your Windows/Mac PC to your Clevertouch while maintaining the touch of your interactive screen. This allows you to remotely control your PC from the interactive screen without having to go back and forth between your devices. Thank you BYOD!

The most of these BYOD transmitters : up to 8 wireless transmitters can be connected simultaneously to your SpeechiTouch or Clevertouch interactive display.

In meetings, reach your audience via your BYOD tool

connectez votre outil BYOD à un écran interactif

In a very simple way, in the same way as in our video, give a hand to any of your collaborators. It is easy, fast and optimizes the time spent in meetings. This works in the same way for the Speechi “Plug & Play” wireless transmitter as for the Clevershare wireless transmitter.

ScreenShare Pro, the application that gives control to your SpeechiTouch interactive screen

Mirroring, collaboration and fluidity from Windows, iMac, Android and iOS.

ScreenShare Pro is an application installed natively on any SpeechiTouch 003 interactive screen. Operating very simply, this BYOD application allows you to project the content of any PC screen or tablet connected to the same network as your interactive screen.

On Windows and Mac

From your PC, share your screen on your interactive screen while maintaining interactivity. This allows you to take control of your PC from your giant touch screen without wasting time. The interaction between your devices is extremely simple and fluid.

Under Android and iOS

Move around your classroom or conference room with your tablet while sharing the image on your interactive screen. It is also an opportunity to give your assembly all the keys to collaboration by simply sharing the code generated by ScreenShare Pro.

application de collaboration ScreenShare Pro vidéo

Watch a video of how easy it is to use the ScreenShare Pro collaboration application

Project on your SpeechiTouch interactive screen up to 4 screens simultaneously.

To connect, simply copy the code generated by your interactive screen in a local network.

A little something extra: in Master mode (available in the application menu), ScreenShare Pro allows you to accept or reject the connection of external devices to your touch screen. You keep full control of your interactive screen.

Wireless presentation (BYOD) is changing collaboration in companies and schools

Nowadays, all employees of a company travel with their smartphone and laptop to work. Similarly, a large majority of schools are now equipped with PCs and touch pads or other interactive solutions.

This extensive use of mobile work tools in our daily lives encourages the development of wireless presentation tools (BYOD “Bring Your Own Device”).

No more HDMI cables lying around behind the desk and other presentation facilities that more often waste time than save time.

What are the advantages of wireless presentation (BYOD)?

presentation sans fil share

Clear presentations

BYOD solutions such as the wireless transmitter and ScreenShare Pro application allow you to wirelessly send the image from your PC or tablet screen directly to your interactive screen.

No cable is required, so the presentation is faster. No more stress associated with connecting a cable through the conference room or classroom.

salle de reunion sans fil pro

A multiplication of the levels of interactivity in your room

Whether using a wireless transmitter or the ScreenShare application, you can easily walk through your room with your PC or tablet by hand and meet your listeners directly.

Similarly, you can involve your audience in your presentation or course by giving them the wireless transmitter or opening the connection to your touch screen via ScreenShare Pro.