Quattro Pod 4K wireless BYOD box: share your ideas in one click

Project onto the interactive screen while keeping the touch

The projection of your PC or tablet onto the interactive screen (mirroring) corresponds to an important user need. In companies, at school or at home, about 40% of smartphone and tablet users use this feature (1).

The BYOD Quattro Pod box fulfils this function for interactive screens: using it means combining mirroring with a minimum of latency with the tactile collaborative functions of the interactive screen.


The BYOD QuattroPod wireless enclosure :

  • keeps the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution of your SpeechiTouch interactive screen.
  • not to install any drivers on your PC. The Quattro Pod is autonomous in its operation. It will create its own wireless network, and its wide compatibility allows you to connect iOS, Windows, MAC OS, Android devices… (computer, tablet, telephone, etc…) without the need for installation software
  • to preserve the touch functions between your interactive screen and your PC. You can interact from the interactive screen with your PC: the Quattro Pod box creates a wireless USB link.

A secure wireless projection environment

The recurring risk associated with BYOD is that of security: little data control, the difficulty of compatibility between devices, installation of third-party software or drivers, etc. The Quattro Pod solves this technical problem by creating its own encrypted wireless network. No need to have open Wifi or to make an advanced configuration of your router.

Your company connection is restricted for confidentiality reasons? No problem, the QuattroPod will work autonomously, and you can project your content by connecting to its self-generated, password-protected Wifi network.

Does your company prohibit the installation of third-party drivers on your PC? No problem either, the Quattro Pod does not require the installation of such drivers or any program.

Plug in. Click. Spread it.

The BYOD Quattro Pod Pro Plug in. Click. Spread it.enclosure consists of :

  • a receiver, to be connected to your interactive screen once and for all
  • 2 transmitters to connect to your portable devices (up to 4 transmitters can be connected to a single box)

Easy to use


The transmitters are extremely easy to connect and have a button to activate the projection to the screen. They are powered directly by the USB connection of your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Use your own equipment at work


One of the objectives of BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) technologies is to allow the use of personal equipment (tablets, PCs) in a professional context. The Quattro Pod wireless box is in this line. Once plugged in, all you have to do is click and the content spreads.

BYOD technologies for professionals

EZCast has been developing a range of collaborative products since 2013 and is a leader in wireless content sharing. EZCast makes it possible to share multimedia elements and wirelessly use content available on users’ personal computers.

The products designed by EZCast are intended for private individuals and professionals.

We only offer professional versions of EZCast products, those that bring significant added value to our interactive product lines. We do not offer the “general public” versions of EZCast products.

If you regularly organize meetings or training sessions in dedicated rooms, you probably have an interactive screen (such as SpeechiTouch or CleverTouch screens): these screens facilitate interactions while making the meeting more dynamic.


Wireless communication makes it easier to hold meetings

Organizing a meeting takes time. A meeting is ineffective if the first few minutes are used to connect cables, install drivers, etc. – all these operations are always longer and more complex than they seem. The more your speakers are numerous and poorly trained in technical means, the more likely you are to “crash” a meeting for technical reasons.

The BYOD QuattroPod box largely solves these problems. He declared war on complex connections, HDMI and USB cables. It allows users to quickly connect to and interact with the screen, virtually without latency.


Project up to 4 devices simultaneously on the interactive screen

Today, users can have content available on their phones, tablets, PCs and MACs.

However, these technical differences should not, if possible, hinder the smooth running of meetings.

Displaying the content of a computer on a screen is simple: HDMI cable, third-party application, BYOD… various solutions exist. But how can you allow you to broadcast both the content of a smartphone and simultaneously that of a computer? It is difficult to find a universal solution: the Quattro Pod Pro allows you to do this in an elegant way.

You can broadcast up to 4 devices in parallel on the same screen.

The Quattro Pod’s 4K UHD resolution allows you to maintain excellent image quality by leaving every detail visible. The split screen into 4 portions on the 3840 x 2160 pixel screen, will allow your meetings to match documents of different formats, all participants having the same level of information!


Stay in control of the meeting: control what is planned and by whom

With the Quattro Pod, the organizer can control with a single click that projects its content on the screen. This is particularly useful for meetings with more than 4 people and helps to prevent people from “walking on their feet” – or rather on the screen.

The QuattroPod is a great tool for moderating meetings: no more meetings where speakers cut each other off, or no one knows when to project their document.

Thus, the meeting facilitator controls who shows what on the screen and this allows everyone to focus only on the meeting agenda.

A typical meeting with the QuattroPod

In the workplace, the BYOD Quattro Pod Pro box makes it easy to project the content of the speakers and compare points of view thanks to the simultaneous display of multiple screens.

In a school or university environment, a teacher can have several students collaborate, explain a content, show a video, etc. Different pedagogical scenarios are possible: for example, copies can be compared and corrected in a collaborative way.

Discover a video presentation of how the QuattroPod works combined with an interactive screen:

Discover our video presentation of the 4K QuattroPod wireless box.