Wi-Fi mirror dongle (V1 and V2) / Wi-Fi mirror boxes B01 and B02 EZCast wireless HDMI (iOS, Android, MAC, Windows)

Broadcast wirelessly the content of your tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android) to the screen in full HD and UHD.

Wireless mirror Wi-Fi dongles and EZCast universal wireless mirror Wi-Fi B01 and B02 boxes are extremely practical tools for users who want to teach or present from their iPad, for example, because everything they do on their iPad (not only the document, but their annotations, will be on the interactive video projector screen or interactive touch screen).

Wi-Fi mirror dongles and EZCast mirror Wi-Fi boxes plug into the HDMI input on the display. In other words, they are perfect for NEC-eBeam interactive video projectors that have 2 HDMI inputs (one input can be reserved for the PC in “normal” interactive mode and one input for the Wi-Fi mirror key in “tablet” interactive mode). The same applies to the new SpeechiTouch interactive displays which have 3 HDMI inputs.

What are the differences between the Wi-Fi mirror dongle (V1 and V2) and the EZCast Wi-Fi mirror B01 and B02 HDMI wireless EZCast boxes ?


Gain even better collaboration by coupling these devices with the EZCast Pro application

EZCast universal mirror Wi-Fi dongle (version 1) EZCast Universal 4K Wi-Fi Mirror dongle (version 2) B01 EZCast universal mirror Wi-Fi box B02 EZCast universal mirror Wi-Fi box and clickers
Education :
129 € excluding VAT
( 2,70 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
129 € excluding VAT
( 2,70 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Pack Wi-Fi mirror B02 box(iOS, Android, MAC, Windows) + 2 Clickers "Plug & Play"
Education :
369 € excluding VAT
( 7,73 € excl tax / month in leasing)
449 €
Business :
369 € excluding VAT
( 7,73 € excl tax / month in leasing)
449 €
Content sharing, simplicity and collaboration. 4K content sharing, fluidity and interaction Content sharing, speed and collaboration One-click content sharing, speed and collaboration (“Plug & Play”)
The EZCast universal mirror Wi-Fi dongle (version 1), makes it possible to share content and collaborate with others very simply and quickly. The EZCast Universal 4K Wi-Fi Mirror Stick (version 2) allows you to share content in 4K quality, up to 8 screens at a time through the EZCast Pro application, with higher throughput, less sensitive to interference. The B01 mirror box has an ethernet socket, can be connected by cable to the local network, which provides a higher assured throughput (sensitive, for example, when accessing the Internet). The mirror B02 Wi-Fi box is a more powerful collaborative tool, richer in features and connections. The Clickers allow you to take the hand in one click.
The first “Pro” version of our EZCast universal wireless HDMI mirror wi-fi dongle :

1. débit x 2: doubles the wi-fi bandwidth (real).

2. network stability: … while making this connection more stable (especially when the environment is disturbed by many wi-fi networks)..

3. works in self-powered mode (MHL): This function can be plugged directly into the MHL input of the display without the need for an additional power supply for all interactive projectors or interactive displays that have this function..

4. Collaborative features: the new hardware is configurable and allows several tablets to be connected to the key. The key allows to manage a “fleet” of tablets (up to 32). It will then be possible for the teacher to simply select the tablet of a student present to project it.

The latest “Pro” version of our EZCast 4K HDMI wireless universal wi-fi mirror dongle :

1. Quality 4K: This is the major improvement, this Mirror Wi-Fi dongle supports 4K and allows to share content with a very high image resolution (4k at 30 fps vs 1080p at 30 fps) compared to the first version of the dongle.

2. Power, stability and compatibility: A newer Wi-Fi standard for greater stability than the first generation mirror stick. The 4K Mirror Wi-Fi key supports 5Ghz Wi-Fi and provides a better throughput, more stable despite interference, such as in an environment containing many parasitic networks (this latest version of the Mirror Wi-Fi key is therefore exclusively compatible with devices supporting the 5Ghz network).

3. Collaborative features: The latest version of the EZCast Universal 4K Wi-Fi Mirror Key allows you to instantly stream content from your devices to up to 8 screens simultaneously using the EZCast Pro application.

4. A processor twice as powerful: Le processeur AM8270 dont est équipée la clé Wi-Fi Miroir EZCast 4K est deux fois plus puissant que la première version.

The B01 EZCast universal wireless wi-fi mirror box has the following features in addition to the functions of the mirror keys :

1. Wired network: wired ethernet socket for better connection speed to the local network and the Internet.

2. Haut débit: More powerful and even more stable wi-fi than with the mirror dongle.

3. Collaboration: Same collaborative functions, but with the best bandwidth obtained.

The B02 EZCast universal wireless mirror wi-fi box also works through the EZCast Pro application, the user interface remains the same.

1. A very rich set of connectors: several additional connectors: HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232 (control socket), RJ 45.

2. Manage your networks and speeds: Wi-Fi of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz according to your use, therefore even more efficient in a “highly disturbed” environment.

3. Collaborate in large numbers: up to 64 tablets in a conference.

4. Easy and fast: one-click collaboration via Clickers. The B02 mirror Wi-Fi box comes with two “Plug & Play” Clickers, which allow you to get up and running very quickly without using the EZCast Pro application.

What are the benefits of wireless presentation with EZCast mirrored Wi-Fi Sticks and the mirror Wi-Fi boxes ?

Powerful wireless presentations

Wireless presentation solutions such as Wi-Fi mirror dongles (V1 and V2) or Wi-Fi mirror boxes B01 and B02 allow you to wirelessly send the screen of your tablet or smartphone to the screen of your interactive video projector or interactive screen.

This saves time, improves the quality of the presentation and makes it easier for the presenter, whether in a school or a company. No cables are required.

Collaborative work functions

Up to 4 people can collaborate together by sending their image to the screen. Each participant then sees the progress of their work live on the interactive screen, with the meeting moderated by the presenter. The interactive screen is then divided into 4 distinct parts, allowing for comparison of work if necessary.

What are the benefits of Speechi’s EZCast solutions ?

There are many EZCast solutions on the market, they are often cheaper than the ones we offer. Their internal architecture (hardware) is generally inferior to the one we offer, which is intended for professional use only.

  • 4K image resolution: The 4K mirror Wi-Fi dongle, as its name suggests, supports 4K and is therefore capable of broadcasting content in very high resolution.
  • Wi-Fi stability: our solution ensures the best signal stability currently possible
  • transfer rate: our architecture currently provides the best bandwidth
  • iOS and Android compatibility: Not all EZCast dongles on the market have the same compatibility with different tablets. We ensure the best compatibility on the market today.

Video demonstration of the use of EZCast hardware.

The EZcast Pro Wireless HDMI hardware (video).

The Mirror Wi-Fi Stick (V1 and V2) and Mirror Wi-Fi B01 and B02 are also perfect for wirelessly collaborating an IPAD or Android tablet with the Lumens DC 193 viewer. The video below explains how a teacher or lecturer can easily present their content from their tablet, while enriching their presentation with images from the viewer.

Wireless collaboration between an iPad or Android tablet with the Lumens DC 193 viewer using a href=”https://www.ezcast.fr/”>EZCast Pro hardware (video).