Speechi 4K ePTZ camera: compact size, great video quality

The Speechi 4K ePTZ camera on an interactive SpeechiTouch screen

A 4K ePTZ camera for videoconferencing in a different way

The Speechi 4K camera SPE-MG-401-C is a condensed version of the technology in a webcam format that is suitable for any meeting room, from an amphitheatre to a small videoconferencing room. Its excellent visual performance, ePTZ technology that gives you the freedom to navigate through the image and its high compatibility of both hardware and software make it a first-class videoconferencing tool.

A 4K, wide angle camera to enhance your remote presence

ePTZ technology: Gaining freedom of movement

Navigate in the picture

With a camera equipped with ePTZ technology, you don’t move the camera lens, but you move within the filmed image using a remote control. This technology allows you to perform three types of action on the image: pan, tilt and zoom.

The 9 recorded positions of the Speechi 4K ePTZ camera

Preset 9 positions

This technology is particularly useful for meetings where several participants are required to make lengthy interventions, as it allows for the predefinition of several positions (up to 9) that will make it possible to target, for example, the speakers.

Show your documents with the 4K ePTZ Speechi camera

Show your documents

The sharpness of its image is such that your remote interlocutors can read your documents by positioning them directly in front of the camera.

Auto framing technology: frame the image on the participants

Using auto-framing technology, the camera locates faces and automatically frames its image on the participants continuously throughout your meeting. The picture will therefore tighten or widen depending on the number of people present in the room. During the meeting, you can easily switch from two to four people: the frame will expand to accommodate new participants without you having to adjust the camera with the remote control.

The best 4K camera on the market

The 4K Speechi camera provides the best image quality compared to cameras that are often much more expensive. The optical quality is outstanding when the conditions are not optimal (low light, for example).

Speechi 4K ePTZ Camera

Competitive 4K ePTZ cameras

No distortion on the 4K ePTZ Speechi camera

No visual distortion
The Speechi camera has no visual aberrations and gives a picture that is perfectly true to life.

Fish eye distortion of the competitor's 4K ePTZ Speechi camera

Image edge distortion
Cameras on the market often have an optical distortion at the edges of the image, called the GoPro or Fish Eye effect.

Brightness and contrast of the Speechi 4K ePTZ camera

Perfect contrast rendering
The Speechi camera renders perfect contrasts even in low light conditions.

Grain and low brightness of the competing 4K ePTZ Speechi camera

Insufficient contrasts
For many cameras on the market, low light will result in an image with a lot of grain.

A camera that’s easy in every way

A 4K plug & play camera

Plug and play

The 4K Speechi camera is plug and play. Easy to install and use, it works on Windows, Mac and Android.

Connections for the Speechi 4K ePTZ camera

Simplified connections

Its varied connectors make it a camera compatible with a wide range of media: plug it in with a USB 3.0 for a simple, fast and efficient connection.

Logos of software and operating systems compatible with the 4K ePTZ Speechi camera

Compatible with all software and operating systems

Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Tamashare… The ePTZ Speechi camera is compatible with most of the most widely used video conferencing software in business and can be used via Apple Windows and Android.
Discover in our video IN THE BOX all the components of the 4K ePTZ Speechi camera:


The Speechi 4K camera comes with its own mounting clip so you can place it wherever you want and adapt it to a wide range of supports. A useful remote control not only for controlling the pan, tilt and zoom of the image, but also for presetting up to 9 positions. Several cable types (USB 3.0, HDMI and LAN) to connect the camera to a wide range of media.

The Speechi 4K ePTZ camera in a nutshell…

  • A native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD) achieved by a high quality 12 megapixel 1/2.5″ CMOS image sensor for distortion-free reproduction and perfect image quality.
  • A sensor opening of F 2.5.
  • Lossless zoom: 2x for 1080p (1920×1080), 3x for 720p (1280×720).
  • A wide angle camera: 120° diagonal / 120° horizontal / 85° vertical.
  • A USB 3.0 interface for high-definition video recording (30 fps in 3840×2160).
  • A recording of your predefined parameters: up to 9 ePTZ positions can be stored.
  • A 12m pick-up distance of the sound, thanks to its 2 integrated microphones, with ambient noise reduction.

Interactive screen and 4K Speechi camera: the perfect duo for your videoconferences

The 4K Speechi camera, with its mounting clip and oblong shape, naturally takes its place above an interactive touch screen. It will be the partner of choice for the SpeechiTouch interactive screen or Clevertouch to carry out videoconferences in optimal 4K conditions.

The Speechi 4K ePTZ camera is perfectly compatible for your videoconferences with the SpeechiTouch and Clevertouch interactive screens.