The key strengths of the ELMO visualizers

Light on ELMO, the Japanese expert of visualizers

ELMO for Electricity Light Machine Organization. Japanese company founded in 1921, ELMO began by designing 16 mm cameras. The company then began to manufacture projectors in 1946, eventually arriving at document visualizers in 1984.

The history of ELMO provides century-old expertise in high-end video capture and optics.

high end visualizer

High end visualizers

ELMO visualizers are the best in terms of optical sensors. The expertise and experience accumulated over more than 90 years by ELMO allows them to design visualizers that perfectly restore the sharpness, clarity and colors of an image.

ELMO visualizers offer many opportunities for distributing documents and media in class or at professional presentations.

SEasy to use, ELMO visualizers give you the ability to distribute handouts, transparencies, maps, 3D objects, and more via your projector or computer.

With ELMO visualizers, the possibilities are multiplied. Depending on the model you choose in our shop, you will be able to record a chemical reaction video or let students present their project results. Professionals, you will not be left behind: a pocket model will delight the most mobile trainers.

visualiseur zoom

Max size images

Zooms up to x96, captures images and videos in 4K, without any distortion (reliability of colors and shapes).

visualizer intuitive

Ultra intuitive

Designed primarily for education, ELMO visualizers are super-intuitive as well as flexible and robust.

mobile visualizer

Portable products

Easily transportable, or “pocket” for some, ELMO visualizers are really convenient to move.

versatile visualizer


Immediately functional, the visualizers are compatible with other interactive solutions and for all uses.

Three types of powerful visualizers for education and professionals

Discover the different ELMO visualizers in 5 major points. Whatever your uses and needs, there will necessarily be an ELMO visualizer that will satisfy you.

A small plus: the TX-1 model is equipped with a Wifi feature that allows you to control the visualizer remotely via a PC or tablet using the Image Mate 4 software.

Image Mate 4 software to fully exploit each ELMO visualizer

The Image Mate 4 software allows you to control your visualizer in a very simple and intuitive way. Take photos, make videos and, of course, save them.

This software also allows you to perform some commands like zoom and clear, for example. Some functionnalities of the Image Mate 4 software:

  • Remote control : navigate the image
  • Make videos : create your videos and fast forwards
  • Data management : access your teaching material
  • Capture Mode : simply click to capture a live image
  • Transfer a still image : transfer an individual image
  • 5 year warranty

    Visualizers are guaranteed for 5 years, which is rare enough in this area to be mentioned.

    Indeed, an ELMO visualizer does not go out of style easily. It is also reliable and robust, designed specifically to be handled by students of all classes.