The mobile, autofocus, 8-megapixel document viewer in HD or UHD version

SpeechiCam Document Viewer
Because you can’t always find everything on the Internet, because you’re not always connected, it’s often useful to be able to project images, texts, newspaper clippings, paper documents – and even small objects – to students…

That’s why we developed the SpeechiCam 7 HD and UHD 4K: the great little document viewer that feels good everywhere… and is often better than “big” viewers in terms of optical quality !

A true high-resolution document viewer (resolution: 8 megapixels), our SpeechiCam 7 document viewer is equipped with a specialized optical system (sensor and lens) to improve image quality and reduce colour distortion.

Its instant autofocus ensures perfect image quality, regardless of the distance from the object to the camera.

The document viewer also allows you to film fast (video function, up to 30 frames / s) or slow phenomena (snail run, plant growth) thanks to the “Capture at regular intervals” function of the viewer.

It’s nothing like a WebCam…

A nomadic mini-viewer for everyone

This material is lent free of charge to schools and businesses. How to receive a mobile micro-viewer on loan?.

New Speechicam 7 UHD 4K video viewer

Document Viewers Speechicam 7 UHD (video).

8x digital zoom in a pocket-size format

speechicam7 visualiseur educationWith the SpeechiCam 7 HD or UHD document viewer, you project images or text to the students – yes, the small characters become readable on the screen thanks to the various “zoom” functions…

The mini-viewer weighs only 400 g. You can take it everywhere with you.

It simply plugs into the USB socket and requires no installation on your part – plug and play.

The associated signal processing software further improves the image quality whatever the conditions (little light, lots of light…).

It is the smallest, but also the least expensive document viewer on the market, given its optical capabilities.

Advanced software for optimal use of the viewer

Eye Present, the document viewer software present on all Speechi viewers, is a very simple visualization software, but it contains all the features to get the most out of the viewer (zooms, videos, still images, image capture at regular intervals, rotation…).

The software supplied with the viewer, Eye Present, provides 4 modes :

  • Real-time mode to show your audience what the SpeechiCam is filming.
  • Video mode for viewing and annotating videos made in particular with the viewer.
  • Photo mode for viewing and annotating photos taken with the SpeechiCam 7 or images on your computer.
  • Whiteboard mode for writing and drawing.

Eye Present Viewer Software (video).


A nomadic document viewer… that folds away.

speechicam7 mini viewerThe SpeechiCam 7 is equipped with an articulated arm. The folded viewer fits in your hand. The unfolded viewer is 36 cm high and allows you to view documents (or objects) in A3 format.

Technical characteristics

Image sensor

SpeechiCam 7 HD and UHD 4K mobile viewer: 8 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor

Viewer size

9 x 25 x 9 cm (folded)
36 x 10 x 9 cm (open)


8x digital zoom


400 g

Latency time (image capture)

Less than 1/10th of a second


Up to 30 fps (60 fps in UHD version)

Size of the capture area



24-bit RGB, 16 million colors



Operating System / Software

Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, versions 32 and 64 bits. Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 (and more). Google Chromebook version 38.0 or higher.
Universal UVC driver compatible with MAC, Linux and Windows (Plug and play).
Comes with Eye Present software.


Powered by USB 2.0


Works in ambient light.
Equipped with an LED lamp to illuminate the object being viewed.

Included Accessories

Supplied with microscope adapter and anti-reflective sheeting.


2 years, return to workshop

Image display frequency

Speechicam 7 HD

Resolution Number of frames per second
3840 x 3104 /
3840 x 2160 /
3264 x 2448 up to 15
2592 x 1944 up to 15
2048 x 1536 up to 15
1600 x 1200 up to 20
1920 x 1080 up to 25
1280 x 720 up to 30
1024 x 768 up to 30

Speechicam 7 UHD 4K

Resolution Number of frames per second
3840 x 3104 up to 15 fps
3840 x 2160 up to 30 fps
3264 x 2448 up to 30 fps
2592 x 1944 up to 30 fps
2048 x 1536 up to 30 fps
1600 x 1200 jup to 30 fps
1920 x 1080 up to 30 fps
1280 x 720 up to 30 fps
1024 x 768 up to 30 fps