Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera: high image quality for your presentation

The Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera is very suitable for classrooms or professional meetings.

Improve the visual quality of your class, deliver ever more impactful presentations by broadcasting to the screen various unusual medium (can be done “under the Document Camera” for a biology class or x-ray analysis in medical environment, for example).

Extremely user-friendly, the Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera only requires to be connected via USB cable to a computer in order to display the desired object.

It’s an entry-level model, but with top optical performance, similar to models twice more expensive.

High-Quality Document Camera at low-price

With an attractive price, this Document Camera features a digital zoom (x8) and a 5 billion pixels image resolution, and provides a wide range of possibilities both at school and at work.

Its built-in LED light makes it possible to avoid the restrictions caused by a dark place or unexposed to the light.


zoom visualiseur de document

x8 Zoom and Auto-Focus

Enlarge your images up to 8 times their size with the digital zoom and auto-focus.

visualiseur de document qualite couleur

Natural and bright colors

The Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera is fitted with a new 5 billion pixels high-quality sensor for extremely clear and colorful images.

auto-focus visualiseur spe-vi-51

High image resolution

The SPE-VI-51 Document Camera captures images and videos with 16/9 or 4/3 resolution as you wish (up to 5 megapixels).

microscope adaptateur visualiseur

Microscope Adapter

Delivered free with a microscope adapter. You will be able to visit the infinitely small and to detect details invisible to the eye.

Document Camera with simple and efficient functions: 4 buttons on the Document Camera stand

visualiseur de document speechi

This Document Camera was designed for a quick handling with the 4 most-used functions available on its stand.

The first button on the left is for the LED light to lighten the object displayed when the room is dark. The “FOCUS” button makes it possible to focus and provide a clear image. Finally the last two “BRIGHTNESS” buttons allow to increase (+) or decrease (-) the brightness of the LED light in order to suit your application.

Software to annotate the images and videos created with the Document Camera

Eye Present Display Software (video).

The “Eye Present” software, perfectly suited for document and experiment viewing, allows to make your class and professional presentation ever more impressive.

This software is extremely user-friendly. Takes in instantaneous hands.

You will be able to highlight a part of the image by using the mask function, to record videos or capture images for later use, for example. And also adjust brightness, rotate the image, or zoom (x8), and all this very intuitively.

Extremely suitable Document Camera in addition to an existent interactive solution.

écran interactif visualiseur

With the USB output featuring this Document Camera, it makes it possible to link with any of our interactive solutions such as eBeam Edge+ , SpeechiTouch interactive boards , or Speechi interactive video projector for perfect images.

What’s in the Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera box?

visualizer content

By opening the box, of course you will find your Speechi SPE-VI-51 Document Camera, a USB cable to connect your Document Camera to your computer, and also a microscope adapter especially suitable for classroom use or in scientific environment. Including a CD ROM to for get started quickly and efficiently, as well as anti-reflection filter for quality viewing.


Technical specifications

2592 x 1944 pixels native resolution (QXGA).

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, MAC OS, and Chrome OS

Top quality professional image sensor which allows an accurate and “warm” reproduction of colors and details,

Smooth videos (up to 30 frames/s),

Digital zoom (8x),

Capture surface: A3

LED light beneath the projection lens

Plug and play (you only need to connect the camera of the Document Camera, than the driver is automatically downloading without any setup),

Universal driver (UVC) compatible software for industry interactive boards (eBeamTM, PrometheanTM, SmartTM, Hitachi StarboardTM…),

“Eye Present” complete processing, annotation and video recording software

Comes with microscope adapter, anti-reflection filter, and 2m USB cable.

1-year warranty (return-to-factory)