The small Speechi SPE-VI-102 Document Camera has everything of a great

visualiseur-de-document-speechiThe Speechi SPE-VI-102 Document Camera is the perfect tool for your classes and presentations. Small and light, bring the Speechi visualiser everywhere with you. You can easily share it between class and meeting rooms.

Very user-friendly, it’s extremely simple and easy to install the visualiser. Broadcast a book page, a written document, a picture, or fixed/moving small objects on white board via video projector or on touch screen. The flexible arm fitted with a LED light makes it possible to observe objects from every angle.

No longer need to circulate a document or an object during your presentation by using the SPE-VI-102 Document Camera. Fascinate your audience and promote your presentation. Your presentations and classes come to life!

Videos of new Speechi SPE-VI-102 and SPE-VI-401 visualiser

The SPE-VI-102 and SPE-VI-401 Document Camera (video).

High-Quality Visualiser at low price

The Speechi SPE-VI-102 Document Camera is an affordable high-quality visualiser. 13 megapixels resolution, x8 digital zoom/x6 mechanical zoom, VGA/HDMI/USB outputs, it’s just as efficient (even more) as competing high-end and more expensive visualiser.


High Image Quality

Featuring a 13 billion pixels sensor, the SPE-VI-102 Document Camera provides high-quality images. High-definition images, bright and vivid colors.


Smooth and fast videos

The SPE-VI-102 Document Camera is filming in high-definition. With perfect video fluidity, you can capture every movement detail, the sound with the microphone, even the beating of a butterfly’s wings.


Always Clear Images

Auto-focus. You can give a class freely without wondering about the technology. No more blur issues, your images are always clear.

adaptateur microscope pour visualiseur

Microscope Adapter

Project yourself into the very small to discover details invisible to the eye. The microscope adapter comes with SPE-VI-102 Document Camera for free.


Standalone Visualiser

Full connectics SPE-VI-102 visualiser: mini-USB, VGA and HDMI outputs. Totally standalone, it can work without any computer. It connects directly to video projector.

Always available powerful functions: remote control, control board

telecommande-visuaiseurNot many visualiser are provided with a remote control for such a price, however it’s essential. The remote control allows you to move freely in the room during your presentation and to remotely control the image broadcasted by the visualiser.

You can also control the Speechi visualiser directly from the control board located on the stand. Thus all features are easy to access: zoom, focus, rotate and freeze the image.

Simple and efficient software for Document Camera

Software for visualiser

The SPE-VI-102 Document Camera comes with “Eye Present” software. The highlight of our software is to provide only essential and useful functions.

You can annotate video contents, adjust brightness, rotate and freeze image, highlight a part of the image with the mask function, record videos or capture images (single one or frequent intervals), and access to white board.

The Document Camera is the perfect addition to our interactive solutions

With HDMI, VGA, and USB outputs, link the Speechi Document Camera to our interactive solutions, such as the eBeam Edge+ interactive board, theSpeechiTouch touch screen, or the Speechi interactive video projector, to annotate images and complement your courses.

The Speechi visualiser can also be used alone. Put a memory card in the visualiser, capture images, record videos and watch it later.

Technical specifications

13 billion pixels image sensor (Sony imx179 RF)
x8 mechanical Zoom
x6 Optical Zoom
Capture Surface: A3
Full HD 1080p Video Resolution
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, MAC OS and Chrome OS
Featuring a LED light to illuminate the object being viewed
Built-in Microphone
SDHC Card Reader (up to 32 GB)
Internal Memory: 128 MB
USB, VGA, and HDMI outputs
Comes with remote control, microscope adapter, anti-reflection filter
Comes with “Eye Present” software
Warranty: 2-years