High-Definition and Fluidity for Telepresence

High-Quality Performance, small price

This Full HD camera provides highly advanced features for video conference. One of the top-performing products of its category for a great value. You won’t find many cameras with those technical, optical, and mechanical details.

Featuring x12 optical zoom, with really wide viewing angle (120° vertical/340° horizontal) and amazing image rendering thanks to CMOS 2.07 megapixel sensor and innovative image processing algorithm, this Full HD camera is perfect for video conference or telepresence. It provides high-definition vivid and deep images for high-quality rendering.

The Speechi SPE-UV510 Full HD camera can be used at work for meetings (video conference) or at school, whether for class or telepresence trainings.

caméra Full HD pour visioconference et vidéoconférence

The all around filming camera…

The SPE-UV510 Full HD video conference camera covers an extremely wide angle (actually it can film everything around!). In addition to a wide 72.5° camera angle, its design allows camera orientation on two axes:

  • A 340° horizontal angle (almost “East-West” complete revolution)
  • A “North-South” vertical angle from -30° to +90° (allowing to film above and below the camera)

It’s equipped with the PTZ smart technology (Pan/Tilt/Zoom). So the Speechi Full HD camera covers a wide angle by quick positioning, without any vibration and noise.

…with a very large optical zoom.

Its optical zoom (x12) allows you to enlarge texts and objects without downgrading the picture. It also provides details of distant objects and people.

The 60 frames per second capture frequency helps prevent from any tail effect, even with high-definition (1080 pixels). Your video conference sessions benefit from fluid and clear image.

Caméra Full HD vidéoconférence et visioconférence

Inclinaison et rotation de la Caméra full HD Speechi pour visioconférence

USB 3.0 output interface/Perfect image fluidity.

The Speechi SPE-UV510 Full HD camera has a USB 3.0 interface, 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0. This output interface makes it possible to transfer videos without any slow down and visible lag. It provides a fluid and clear image allowing you to be more accurate and efficient during your video conference.

255 predetermined positions and optical settings.

The Speechi SPE-UV510 Full HD camera saves up to 255 predetermined positions; from panorama to zoom, focus, and white balance for high quality and service (PTZ function).

Those features, which could be predetermined and saved, provide stable movements and remote control ensuring efficient and successful videoconference.


Remotely-Controlled Video Conference Camera

The RS232 port makes it possible to remotely perform all operations from anywhere. You can also connect various control device (joystick, recording equipment…).

This Full HD camera comes also with a remote control which allows you to position, move your camera angle and very simply to change your settings.

Remotely control your video conference sessions with ease.

Standard interface

This telepresence camera is supported by all windows software, for example Skype or Tamashare conference call software .

Technical specifications

1080 pixels native definition (Full HD, obtained with a high-quality CMOS 2.07 megapixel image sensor which makes possible an accurate and “warm” reproduction of colors and details),

Optical Zoom (12x),

PTZ camera (with a 340° East-West rotation angle and a 120° North-South tilt angle),

USB 3.0 interface allowing high-definition video recording (60 frames/second) for a perfectly fluid video.

Standard interface

Predetermined settings storage (up to 255 storable PTZ positions).

2 years warranty