ELMO L-12iD visualizer, the most complete visualizer

Of all the powerful ELMO visualization tools, the ELMO L-12iD visualizer is the most complete .

ELMO L-12iD visualizer offers innovative presentation tools for ever more exciting courses

elmo screen sharing software

Screen share

To show your audience saved images and live images simultaneously.

elmo mask software


To bring out a specific area of ​​your document during your presentation.

logiciel elmo mise  en avant


To hide a specific area of ​​the document by using the cover.

elmo zoom software


You can move and enlarge the image instantly.

The high end ELMO

ELMO is a historical manufacturer of visualization solutions : the complete L-12iD visualizer combines all the features of other products while maintaining optics without loss of quality. The sturdy and stable design as well as the 5 year warranty promises a use without hassle.

The L-12iD also has an IN micro input for you to use as a webcam (UVC), and it will integrate seamlessly with your whiteboard or interactive screen.

high end visualizer

The most practical of all visualizers

visualizer connectionss

Connections for advanced usages

The HDMI switch or HDMI pass through functionnality allows you to use the ELMO L-12iD viewer as an HDMI switch to display a computer screen HD or tablet and HD images at the touch of a button.

The ELMO L-12iD visualizer also features a webcam fonctionnality as well as an integrated microphone.

visualizer saving documents

Archive your documents directly to USB keys / SD card

Live recording is possible with the ELMO L-12iD visualizer.

By pairing this feature with the built-in microphone, you’ll be able to save your presentations instantly. Share them with your class and audience.

A visualizer that will make your head turn

visualizer pivotable

With its arm pivotable up to 300°, the ELMO L-12iD visualizer can be easily manipulated directly on its base or from its singular remote control.

You are not limited to seeing just one side of an object.

The rotation of the image can also be carried out from 0 to 180 ° for a great comfort for document studying.

Technical characteristics

Maximum resolution: 1080 pixels

Sensor: CMOS of 1/2.8 inches & 3.4 M pixels (2144 x 1588)

Optical zoom: x12

Digital zoom: x8

Connections: 1 x Audio 3.5mm OUT, 1 x HDMI OUT, 1 x HDMI IN, 1 x VGA OUT, 1 x VGA IN, 1 x USB, mic IN

Storage: direct saving: SD card / USB key

Video : 30fps in 1080p

Image rotation: 0 / 180°

Opening: F3.2 (to f 4mm) and F3.6 (to f 48mm)

Shooting area : 420mm x 233mm

USB connection: USB 2.0

LED light: yes

Dimensions : unfolded: 355 x 374 x 427 mm – folded: 195 x 294 x 469 mm

Weight: 3 Kg

Power supply: via supplied AC adapter (12V DC)

Included accessories: AC adapter, USB cable, IR remote (with strap & batteries)