Ubikey, the first collaborative software adapted to interactive screens

The collaborative software publisher Ubikey has taken a very close interest in the digitalization of collaborative work tools. One observation was made: the software adapted to collaboration is not 100% functional with an interactive screen. The gap has therefore been closed with the development of collaborative software that operates on a giant touch screen.

The interactive screen is the ultimate collaborative tool and is an unbeatable material from a reliability point of view. However, it may still be difficult to find software solutions that exploit all the hardware possibilities of the giant tablet. The Ubikey collaborative software uses the interactive capabilities of a touch screen, such as multi-touch or finger-style differentiation.

Although promoting collaborative working via an interactive screen, Ubikey collaborative software can be used from other mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) and then becomes a way to work in a remote project management group, thus digitally reducing the miles that can separate employees.

Find in video the use of the Ubikey collaborative software and its main features:

Create a dematerialized workspace

Create your project, store your different projects simultaneously, give access rights to participants and off you go. As simple as that.

After entering your login details, you can choose to work on an existing project or create a new one. You can thus organize your projects into different tables and create new documents via the templates made available to you on the Ubikey collaborative software.

About ten templates at your disposal for each document creation

The Whiteboard template, an interactive whiteboard tool, allows you to write, draw and create “Post-it” © colors simultaneously. This giant surface can be used by several people and encourages interaction between the members of each project.

Le template Whiteboard du logiciel collaboratif Ubikey

Le template Gantt, outil collaboratif du logiciel Ubikey sur écran interactif

In addition to the interactive whiteboard, the Ubikey collaborative software allows you to implement several types of templates.

From tables to schedules, everything is at your disposal for optimal project management. This collaborative software is designed to use on an interactive screen all the best known methods in agile projects: Swot, Scrum, Gantt, Flowchart, QQCOQP, action plan, business model, etc.

A range of tools available at the touch of a button

The Ubikey tool palette is available all the time, anywhere on the collaborative software. Very practical, it allows you to import several types of digital objects useful for collaboration.

This collaborative tool allows you to create small notes on which you can write with your finger, pen or keyboard. You can change the color of the notes, their sizes, link them together and make them into a group.

You can also write directly with your finger or pen on the software, for example via the Whiteboard. It is quite possible from this palette to browse the internet, select several objects simultaneously and import your own PDF files.


Split your screen in two to optimize collaboration

Le double fenêtrage d'Ubikey sur écran interactif

When you are working on a project, you have the possibility to split your screen in two. This feature allows you to work on two tables simultaneously while keeping the touch on both sides.

On the left, a note created in the Whiteboard collaborative tool can then be transformed into a task in the Gantt. To determine the duration of this task, it will just be necessary to lengthen it with your finger in the planning. Nothing more intuitive and simple, employees will quickly get into the Ubikey game.

Import your own documents on the Ubikey collaborative software

The Ubikey environment is not restricted to the available templates. It is quite possible for any company to add its own template via PDF files. Keep your usual working methods by using your own files.

A secure space for lean project management

Each meeting is protected and backed up by access rights. Thanks to the login information, you can come back to it later without worrying that a third party may have access to your projects.

Un QR code sur le l'outil collaboratif Ubikey pour travailler à plusieurs

Thanks to a common login, a URL or a QR Code, all the actors of the project can participate virtually in a Ubikey meeting. Whether via the interactive screen or via a mobile device, everyone can act at the same time.

Utiliser via smartphone le logiciel collaboratif Ubikey pour envoyer des étiquettes sur écran interactif

From any tablet or smartphone, it is possible to send notes to the interactive screen. The screen user can then retrieve the note, move it around the table, modify it.

What is collaboration in agile project management?

You have probably heard about agile methods or agile methods when it comes to project management. In terms of collaboration in companies, agile methods are practices that make it easier to manage projects to ensure their successful completion. We will talk more about product management than project management, since the purpose is the birth (or improvement) of the product.

These methods allow companies to properly target their customers’ requirements and thus to properly focus a collaborative work project to address these issues. While traditional methods leave little room for change, agile project management makes it possible to adapt to all situations.

The use of these methods involves adapting to change and replacing time-consuming documentation and restrictive processes with collaborative software.

Collaborative software allows companies to manage their projects easily, while meeting the digital and digital requirements of today’s world.

©: “Post-it” is a registered trademark of 3M. The term “post-it”, when used in this page, refers only, by analogy and for comprehension purposes, to virtual notes displayed on an interactive screen and not to paper notepads marketed by 3M under the name “post-it.