The simplest collaborative work software for interactive displays

Collaborative work in companies is becoming more and more important in today’s professional world. Online collaborative work platforms such as Tamashare meet a specific need sought by professionals in the sector: videoconferencing, security of shared information, dematerialization of corporate collaboration methods are perfect examples.

écran interactif visioconférence

Present in all SpeechiTouch Pro touch screens

touch screen collaborative tools

The business world is increasingly dematerialized and that is why Tamashare software has been integrated into the new interactive touch screen under Android SpeechiTouch Pro (it is also possible to order it with the giant touch screen SpeechiTouch in its educational version).

This is why a license for 5 people is integrated in the screen. Collaborate remotely with members of your staff throughout France to make collective decisions thanks to Tamashare, the new collaborative platform in companies.

Security and confidentiality of shared information


Tamashare is the only software that provides local compression, encryption and backup without any data leaking into the cloud.

This way, you can organize virtual meetings and discuss strategic issues without taking any risks. Images, annotations, shared documents are secure in your Tamashare collaborative space.

Video conferencing, a powerful collaborative working tool

All SpeechiTouch Pro interactive screens are equipped with a camera to perform quality videoconferences with Tamashare software. You can organise remote meetings with employees several hundred kilometres away, who can take turns expressing themselves on the interactive screen.


Collaborate remotely, up to 120 people

Tamashare virtual meeting

Tamashare’s group mode allows you to accommodate up to 120 people.

The meeting organizer intervenes during the videoconference, shows documents, images or makes annotations. As part of a collaborative work, he can decide to “give a hand” to one of his collaborators, who can then annotate documents, make corrections, address the audience directly thanks to the webcam integrated in the SpeechiTouch Pro interactive screen

Abolt distances with your teams

remote screen sharing

Tamashare software offers the screen sharing option. “Hand the dice” to your employees so that they share their PC, smartphone or tablet screens with the entire audience on the interactive meeting room screen.

Instead, invite them to a Tamashare videoconference and save time and money. No need to move all your employees for a strategic decision. Instead, invite them to a videoconference on Tamashare and save time and money.

The permanent room code that simplifies the organization of your collaborative meetings.

Code de salle permanent Tamashare

The permanent room code allows each moderator to plan in advance his meeting rooms, anticipate his meetings, prepare the documents to be displayed and optimize his time and that of his collaborators.


A virtual meeting room that is easy to use

Tamashare software allows you to create virtual meeting rooms in which you will find all the essential elements of a traditional meeting room. A whiteboard, to note your ideas, your remarks. The possibility to import files (JPEG, PDF), to share a screen tablet, smartphone or PC or to import a notebook to write typed.

Many features to give even more depth to your online presentations.

Creating a whiteboard

whiteboard remote meeting

To insert a whiteboard in your virtual meeting room, simply select the “Whiteboard” option. Then you can annotate, underline or highlight your ideas or remarks.

Insert a notebook

note écran tactile

If you prefer to write your comments “typed” and not “freehanded” on the interactive screen, then choose this option by clicking on “create a notebook”.

Add “Post-it” ©simply

post-it virtuel

In a virtual meeting, it is also useful to put some ideas on “Post-it” ©, in different color codes, to control the progress of a project for example. To do this, simply click on the “Post-it” icon © and choose the color that suits you.

Insert shapes very simply

reunion virtuel écran tactile

You can also integrate different shapes, such as a red arrow in this example. The color can also be changed. But also circles and squares, both of which can also be modified.

Automatic meeting minutes

Tamashare automatic meeting report

The automatic meeting report allows you to save the entire process of a virtual meeting. No need to waste time taking notes, Tamashare takes care of it and generates the annotated synopsis of the meeting.



1 hour of training offered to master Tamashare on an interactive screen

discover tamashare-3

It is sometimes difficult for employees to master new software such as the collaborative work Tamashare platform.

Although simple to use and very intuitive, one hour of training is offered to you to master the ins and outs of this collaborative tool. Live, you can ask questions, request demonstrations such as creating a videoconference, sharing a screen or creating a virtual meeting room. To benefit from one hour of free training, simply click on “Discover Tamashare” after your purchase.

© : “Post-it” is a registered trademark of 3M. The term “post-it”, when used in this page, refers only, by analogy and for comprehension purposes, to virtual notes displayed on an interactive screen and not to paper notepads marketed by 3M under the name “post-it”.