“Draft”: brainstorm, in groups, on your interactive touch screen

Succeed in leading a session of “Brainstorming” in a company can be a real obstacle course. If the material is not adapted, the participants are not very motivated, it is very difficult for the facilitator to facilitate an effective meeting.

Thanks to the SpeechiTouch Pro interactive touch screen, in which a collaborative software suite is integrated, and in particular “Draft”, you will be able to collect the ideas of the participants for meetings of Brainstorming into more productive companies. “Draft” makes it possible to implement the “AGILE” and “KANBAN” methods, which are highly appreciated by the business world, particularly in project management.

Draft : outil de brainstorming pour écran interactif

Use “Draft” on an interactive screen to transmit ideas simply

Draft sur écran interactifTo communicate ideas simply and to a larger number of people, companies must equip themselves with a collaborative tool powerful. That’s the advantage of the interactive SpeechiTouch Pro screen, which contains the collaborative tools most sought after by companies.

Need to make a “To Do List”? To make a quick decision following a crisis situation? Do you need the opinion of one of your employees? Draft will allow you to answer all these questions in a simple and intuitive way.

Wireless presentations in virtual meeting rooms are increasingly being used. A collaborative tool of “brainstorming” present in a company, becomes a real competitive advantage.

A good structuring of ideas following a brainstorming meeting in a company allows relevant and thoughtful decision-making. Isn’t that what all companies are looking for?

Collaborative work facilitates decision-making

With the help of an interactive touch screen, prioritizing ideas with Draft has never been easier. By exposing all the ideas that emanate from a collective reflection, in the form of “Post-it”. ©, by grouping them together, connecting them, we obtain a deeper but also simpler visibility of the whole issue and this will facilitate decision-making.

brainstorming et prise de décision

Working together, in a more creative way

Transmitting an idea, making it understood, or even encouraging the participation of collaborators in an austere room is really not easy. And even less motivating.

On the other hand, soliciting employees’ ideas in a modern meeting room, where there is an interactive touch screen, gives a greater dimension to collaborative meetings. Differentiating ideas by color, prioritizing them according to their importance with a tool like “Draft”, gives much more impact to your company meetings.

Easily import a file

importer un fichier sur draft

Nothing could be easier. Select the “insert” button located on the left side of your screen, then click on “upload”. Then, simply select the file (image, pdf, video) you want to insert.

Add “Post-it” © simply

ajouter un post it sur draft

To add a “Post-it” © on Draft, tap twice on the interactive screen to have a “Post-it” © to appear. You can then change its size and color. Alternatively, click on “Text” and then on “Post-it”. ©.

Annotate a document? Easy!


Discover the annotation functions in a very intuitive way. After importing a PDF document for example, click on it to open it in a new tab and annotate it. Select the drawing tool and then choose the type of line, color or shape you want to use.

Linking elements is simple.

lier des elements sur draft

After adding a “Post-it” © for example, it is enough to add a line (draw / line) between the two “Post-it”. ©. From that moment on, the two “Post-it” © are linked. Practices to differentiate groups of ideas.

TOP 4 ideas for a successful “Brainstorming” (Kanban method)

To help you optimize your collaborative work in the company, we suggest that you follow the advice below. This is a non-exhaustive list.

Choose an experienced facilitator

travail collaboratif écran tactile

Even with the best technology in the world, if the facilitator cannot create an atmosphere that invites discussion, the “brainstorming” session will be ineffective. On the other hand, a communication professional who is attentive, empathetic and knows how to create an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas will have much more success.

 Plan a stimulating place

espace de travail collaboratif

Equip your meeting room so that your employees feel comfortable. Decorate this room in a “cosy” way, add plants or sound objects such as a moo box to prevent criticism. The more comfortable and free your employees feel, the more ideas will emerge.

Enter the ideas on “Post-it” © with draft

logiciel post-it mindmapping

A brainstorming session takes place in several stages. First of all, we have to collect all the ideas. Good or bad. Hence the interest of using the collaborative tool “Draft” on the interactive screen. Use the “Post-it” © at your disposal to expose to the audience, in a visual way, all the ideas collected. Some ideas will bring out others.

Gathering ideas and keeping the best ones


Once the ideas have been presented, it is time to structure them, to prioritize them and, for some, to eradicate them. With “Draft”, you can group ideas by theme, by order of importance or even chronologically. This will give employees an overview and allow them to make an informed decision using all the elements available on the screen.

© : “Post-it” is a registered trademark of 3M. The term “post-it”, when used in this page, refers only, by analogy and for comprehension purposes, to virtual notes displayed on an interactive screen and not to paper notepads marketed by 3M under the name “post-it”.