Immersion in Speechi’s Huddle Room

During the works of our showroom in Lille, we decided to include a Huddle Room (small meeting and videoconference room) in our renovated premises.

This choice is the result of two strong needs.

As our team grows, we needed a place where employees could meet quickly and informally, while being able to reach colleagues who are at a distance.

It is a way to provide distance training from our showroom while the customer can attend the demonstration from his premises while testing in real time on his own newly acquired equipment.

Watch a video of how we designed our Huddle Room:

We would be pleased to assist you in the design of your own Huddle Room. Discover below the advantages of this collaboration bubble and the equipment to implement to make it a real haven of collaborative work.

What are the uses of a Huddle Room?

The Huddle Room is a work bubble that greatly encourages collaboration and creativity within teams. This small room allows teams to rethink the way they collaborate and generate ideas. Concentration, isolation, private space… But always well equipped.

huddle room et travail collaboratif

draft logiciel de travail collaboratif

The Huddle Room, a meeting room for collaboration

Brainstorming, agile methods, sharing information and documentation, dialogue… So many words that punctuate your classic meetings but that will really find their relevance inside a Huddle Room.

The Huddle Room is both a haven of peace and a living space. For employees looking for peace and quiet and a closed place to exchange ideas, it will be the ideal refuge in companies that currently promote collaborative work in open-space mode. But it is not a silent space. Between its windows and walls, ideas flow and are noted (preferably on an interactive screen!).

In summary, the Huddle Room has several purposes:

  • Maintain links between collaborators – even for those at a distance
  • Meet effectively in small working groups
  • Organize informal meetings quickly and easily
  • Using digital tools for collaboration
  • Work flexibly and agilely
  • Go beyond the limits of tight schedules for remote employees

Traditional conference rooms occupy a (too) large volume in company premises. We fully understand the challenge of rationalizing the space and that is why we use a Huddle Room in our offices ourselves (see below) in order to maintain the commitment of our employees who work throughout France. No need to travel across the country to have a meeting.

A well equipped Huddle Room does all the work of a traditional conference room. Goodbye lost space, hello optimized space.

Remote training from its Huddle Room, the practical complementary use

The Speechi trick: transform your workspace into a training tool

For a fully equipped Huddle Room, get Full HD cameras and wireless microphones. These essential small devices will allow you both to keep your employees close to you at a distance and to turn your Huddle Room into a real video conferencing space where you can train your customers remotely (or simply do a video interview with them).

ecran-interactif-visioconference 440

Tamashare video collaboration software

Collaborate remotely with members of your staff throughout France (or internationally) to make collective decisions thanks to Tamashare, the new collaborative platform in companies.

Tamashare’s group mode allows you to accommodate up to 120 people: the Huddle Room immediately looks bigger!


The Zoom videoconferencing software

Host and join meetings with the powerful Zoom videoconferencing software. Organize your meetings online, create virtual meeting rooms and even use business instant messaging.

This application is one of the most downloaded in France in its field.

How to equip your Huddle Room to make it a state-of-the-art collaboration space?

Equipping your collaborative workspace properly simplifies the task of employees

It is essential to properly arrange your collaborative workspace.

We remind you that at the furniture supply level, a Huddle Room does not require very large equipment. A small table and a few chairs will suffice. On the other hand, it is important to focus on the hardware and software tools to be implemented. A well thought-out Huddle Room is time saving.

Here are some ideas that will help you to think and design your own Huddle Room according to the needs of your employees and your company’s core business.

An example of a Huddle Room at Speechi: a meeting space that can be transformed into a real training workshop

This space is equipped with the latest in collaborative work equipment: Speechi full HD 360° videoconferencing camera, high quality ambient microphone, 55″ SpeechiTouch Pro interactive screen, viewer… Enough to give you some ideas for your Huddle Room, which can not only welcome your employees but also serve as a meeting place with your customers and prospects, remotely.

How do our employees use the Huddle Room?

A phone call to make, need to get out of open space for a few hours to move forward on a personal project? The Huddle Room is at everyone’s disposal, to find a moment for yourself, for your project and to have all the necessary technological equipment at your disposal.

This function of the Huddle Room is minimal. Above all, it is a meeting place that changes from our two other rooms, which can accommodate the entire team. The interactive screen remains, but no large table. A small table, a chair, and the work are done. It is informal and necessary to allow two or four employees to move forward on a common project in their bubble. This also allows us to quickly connect our showroom in Lille with our Parisian showroom. Optimizing working time and reducing distances is important!

However, our Huddle Room has a very special primary purpose. Sales representatives and trainers use it to provide training to familiarize themselves with our products (interactive screens, programmable robots, cameras, visualizers, etc.). The customer does not need to travel to be trained on the product. It is a productivity gain for everyone.

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