The showroom: the optimal setting to get to know our product solutions


Our new showroom is a magnificent environment to familiarize yourself with how to use our interactive products and more generally with the digital solutions available for academic institutions and businesses.

Located in the old city of Lille, just 8 minutes’ walk from the train station, the showroom exhibits all of our interactive products in the appropriate environment, in the most illuminating way possible.

All our interactive solutions (Speechi and software, mobile and fixed interactive boards, interactive video projectors, interactive cases, viewers, touch tablet software programs, assessment solutions) are on display.

Don’t hesitate to come see us, even if you’re not already in Lille.

The showroom is open by invitation only, so it remains tranquil; you won’t be interrupted like you might be if we were to come present the equipment at your workplace. The presentation will be more complete, tranquil, and relaxed.

The environment to understand the products, in particular fixed installations and software, will be optimal.

We can spend up to a half-day with you in complete calm, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you have a pleasant time visiting us in Lille.

By train, Lille is 1 hour from Paris, 30 minutes from Brussels, and 1.5 hours from London. By airplane, it’s 1.5 hours from Marseille, Nice, and Bordeaux. There are daily flights, including many low-cost flights.

Generally speaking, it’s easier and less stressful to come see us than if we were in Paris.