The strong points of our robotics kits to learn how to program

Robotic kits that invite creativity

With our kits, you have to be creative both in the construction and in the programming of your robot.

Clip-on bricks in all directions


Unlike the most famous bricks, the bricks and parts of our kits are all clip-on in a multitude of possible configurations. Indeed, the structure of the different models of building bricks is such that they can be clipped together horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

With the same set of bricks, many different robot models can be created and imagined!

These bricks have two major advantages:

  • They allow complex robots to be built quickly and with few bricks, thanks to their configuration and openings.
  • They allow students to focus on the essential: algorithm development.


A wide variety of electronic parts

The electronic parts to be programmed proposed in our kits or as spare parts are varied to give you the freedom to animate your robot in many different ways.

With the Arduino card, program your robot to move or move with motors and servomotors. Power LEDs and buzzers. Make him understand his environment with sensors of all kinds (light, sound, infrared, tactile sensors…).

Robot models to be programmed to start

To get in touch with apprentice programmers, robots models are proposed for each of our kits according to its composition.

Then it is up to you to imagine robot models that come out of your imagination and to complete the starting kit with spare parts to broaden the range of possibilities.

Universal robots programmable by all

Our robotics kits aim for universality! Not only are our programmable robots suitable for beginners and advanced programmers, but they can also be adapted to your operating system and tool.

Progress with software and languages for all levels


The kids will be able to program their robot very simply with icons. Place the action icons on the line that serves as the guiding thread of the program. This software guides them to program their parts.


Scratch (for Studuino)
Studuino is an adaptation of the classic Scratch to program our robots and video games. Build your program by dragging its blocks and dropping them into the script field.

logiciel robot python

Shift to the next level with Python ! Write lines of code in this language with simple, concise, but powerful syntax. An excellent springboard to then venture into the C. language


Export the program developed on Scratch in the Arduino language and refine it in this language.

Program on the most common media