IWB definition

An Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) is a digital whiteboard connected (wired or wireless) to a computer. Using a video projector, the image from the computer is projected onto the whiteboard.

The idea is to make the surface of the IWB tactile so that the user can use his finger or a stylus like a computer mouse. These operations are visible on the IWB and can be recorded using the IWB driver software.

  • IWB is tactile (finger and stylus)
  • White surface can be used with an erasable felt pen
  • Educational software provided
  • Simplified slide creation directly on the IWB
  • High image resolution that varies with technology

The Speechi 83” and 94” Interactive Touch Whiteboard (IWB)

With the IWB tactile multitouch, optimizing the pedagogical scope of your courses or boosting your interventions becomes easy !

A classic whiteboard…

The Speechi interactive tactile fixed whiteboard, also known as IWB, preserves the traditional use of the whiteboard thanks to its erasable enamelled surface: writing with a felt pen is not a problem.

…with infrared technology

If it preserves the classic use of the painting, the fixed IWB tactile However, it integrates interactivity thanks to its infrared sensors placed in its frame and via the projector.. Thanks to infrared technology, interactivity is more accurate and responsive. The latency time is thus considerably reduced and almost zero.

With the tactile IWB, interact with the stylus, finger, and even several fingers (up to 10 contact points).  Thanks to multitouch, the interactive dimension of the painting is multiplied: several people can work on the painting simultaneously. Ideal for group work and brainstorming!

The Interactive Touch Whiteboards (IWB) in our store

You will find two sizes of IWB in our shop. Both IWB have the same characteristics, so how do you choose between them? Simply choose the size of your IWB according to the space in which it will be used (class of 25 students or 45 students for example).

Education :
599 € excluding VAT
( 12,54 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
599 € excluding VAT
( 12,54 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
699 € excluding VAT
( 14,64 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
749 € excluding VAT
( 15,68 € excl tax / month in leasing)

The IWB Fixed Touch is also…

  • A IWB available in 2 sizes: 83″ or 94″.
  • High resolution for high image quality: 32768 x 32768 pixels
  • Accuracy less than 1mm
  • Accessories included: pens, cable, interactive software
  • A 2 year warranty

An ideal IWB software to boost your presentations

To script your presentations, a IWB software is provided with the table. It includes all the features necessary for the presentation of a course and more, for very high freedom of implementation:

Software for IWB / Interactive whiteboard

    • Creating slides
    • Import / Export of different formats
    • Editing tools (pens with advanced properties such as shape and writing recognition, erasers, cut and paste…)
    • Mathematical tools: geometric figures, 3D figures, ruler, protractor, compass, formula insertion, calculator.
    • Web tools: insert hyperlinks, perform Google Photo searches without leaving the software, direct access to a 3D model search engine to enrich your library.
    • A library to store your documents.
    • Useful backgrounds for several subjects: science, mathematics (graph paper), music (staff), sport (sports fields), French (writing lines).

The IWB software is simple to use. The software is designed to be used in the classroom from kindergarten onwards. This makes it easy to use for young and old alike.

The teacher is assured of a quick introduction to the IWB. Indeed, the teacher does not need any particular technical knowledge to use the IWB correctly. The teacher can annotate all his lessons on the IWB, hence the notion of interactivity.

Complete your IWB touch with accessories

Configure your interactive whiteboard according to your needs to increase its potential.  While the IWB is a very comprehensive tool, the layout of your classroom, its size and your tools may bring a need for accessories for your IWB.

Discover the IWB accessories in our shop.

A mobile support for your IWB

Interactive whiteboard support (fixed IWB)

No wall to hang your interactive tactile whiteboard on? Speechi has designed a secure support on electric wheels to adjust the height of your IWB and hang a short-focal projector.

Speakers for quality sound

Interactive whiteboard speaker

Capture the attention of your audience when watching videos or audio documents with 40W speakers to be placed directly on your touchscreen IWB to obtain quality sound.

To connect your IWB to your PC

Wireless IWB

With the wireless transmitter, no more need for cables to connect the IWB to your PC.  A simple transmitter connected to the interactive whiteboard and a USB receiver on your computer is now all you need.

An interactive pencil box

Interactive pencil tray for IWB

Easily switch between 4 pencil colours for your lessons with the active pencil box. No need to adjust the color of your pencil from the software. Simply place your stylus on the magnetic location in the desired color.

The IWB is the memory of the class

The teacher has the possibility to record all lessons given through the computer. Thus the IWB serves as a class diary for students who have been absent or in case the lesson has not been completed from one lesson to the next. There is no more risk that someone will walk behind and erase the board in between.

The IWB also allows the teacher to prepare several lessons in advance on the software and to record them in order to broadcast them on the day. In the same way, it is an excellent way to rework lessons from one year to the next.

The pedagogical contributions of the interactive board (IWB)

The major advantage of the IWB is that it encourages interactivity between teacher and students. They are curious and stimulated. A major contribution when student concentration can be difficult to find. And if the students pay more attention to the course, the teachers are motivated. The use of this type of technology in the classroom makes you want to invest more in your work. To the right craftsmen, the right tools!

The IWB facilitates learning and teamwork. Everyone can work on the large surface of the interactive whiteboard. With up to 10 simultaneous touchdown points on the IWB, students can work in teams and prepare presentations together.

The IWB also makes it possible to educate in digital, by digital. Children do not undergo this technology since they are the main actors. This allows them to master digital tools and discover how to use them wisely.

How do you conduct a course on your IWB ?

To make slides in a very simple way with your IWB software, do not hesitate to browse our document to help you get started with IWB . Although the IWB software is very simple, you may miss some hidden specificities.

You can also join the community of teachers using a IWB on our website Interagir.fr. Regularly sample courses are posted there and you can already find hundreds of resources for your IWB.

The IWB also allows you to share the computer screen easily. Courses that are already on the computer can therefore be projected via the IWB.

Why choose a fixed IWB?

  • The IWB facilitates collaboration and enables students to make connections through school work.

Indeed, in the acronym IWB we find the notion of interactivity. This is through the children’s desire to go to the board but also through the use of the IWB in group work. The pupil can also illustrate the course himself with tools that make him want to participate. Ask a child the question: he or she will prefer the digital blackboard to the traditional blackboard.

  • Familiarizing children with digital technology via the IWB allows them to control the way they use a digital tool

Unlike the teacher, the students have a very intuitive use of the IWB. For them, videos and digital images are natural features they use at home. That said, some do not have this access at home and the IWB helps to bridge this gap while allowing responsible digital use.

  • The IWB represents a time saving in the preparation and implementation of courses

The IWB is indeed the memory of the class. It is also the memory of the teacher who can save all his lessons in it in advance, without needing to arrive earlier in the morning to write everything in chalk for example.

  • IWB remains an affordable interactive solution

Of all the new technologies, some may present a high short-term cost to a school. Coupled with its video projector, the IWB is a solution that fits perfectly into the budget of small rural schools.

The IWB is the preferred solution for schools.