A sharp, solid, simple, and affordable interactive white board

The mobile IWB has been a great success. But some users prefer to have a fixed-location interactive white board in their dedicated presentation space. For those users, we offer a fixed interactive white board solution that is high quality and very ingenious.

There are three different surfaces, for all types of uses

Too often using an interactive board leaves the traditional white board (or blackboard) behind while lots of users still really like them. Our technology helps you make a much more reasonable investment.
Our various board surfaces, which are perfectly suited to interactive uses, let users continue to use them in traditional ways, with erasable markers or even chalk (FR).

– white and mat (usable with chalk)

surface for fixed IWBThis surface is highly durable (10 year warranty) and totally mat (so there won’t be any reflection on the board regardless of how powerful the projector is).

It can be used just as effectively, either as an interactive white board or a traditional white board (with darker chalk or erasable pens).

It is perfect for use in both school and business settings.


– green and mat (can be used with chalk)

In schools, lots of teachers want to use the interactive board while they continue to use chalk for writing. Sticks of chalk continue to work perfectly well in lots of teaching situations – and they are cheaper and better for the environment than erasable markers

This superior quality green board (project images onto it and be assured of excellent color fidelity) can be used either as an interactive “white” board or as a “black” board.

This surface is highly durable (10 year warranty) and totally mat (so there won’t be any reflection on the board regardless of how powerful the projector is).

– anti-reflection finish (can be used with marking pens)

The surface is highly non-reflective so it is perfect for interactive uses.

The projection surface in finished steel, with a 25 year warranty, will be highly esteemed by your project partners, and it’s also perfect for teaching purposes.

The fixed interactive white board becomes both a white board you can write on with an ordinary marker, a projection screen, and an interactive board.

Two possible versions of eBeam technology

The interactive white board is composed of a steel shell, with a lifetime warranty, which can be hung without tools on the pre-drilled board you receive.

That’s the shell containing the eBeam mobile IWB that has made us so popular. It is available in Edge version (more powerful) or in Projection version (more economical).

Our “IKEA” boards are practical to install and easy to transport without compromising their current usability.

… affordable …

The shell solution is economical and ends up being cheaper than most integrated fixed systems when you take all the parameters into account (cost of the material, transport, and especially installation!).

… ships within 72 hours.

In more than 96% of cases, shipment takes place within 72 hours after the order is confirmed. In the unlikely event that a part is unavailable, we will let you know before we accept your order.


Wall brackets, electrical mounts: a wide variety of accessories are available

The board can be set up and used in three ways:

  • on the wall
  • on an electrical wall device so you can adjust the height of the board as well as video projector wall brackets (video (fr))
  • or semi-mobile: on simple casters or a rolling stand fitted with a short throw video projector arm, for adjusting height and folding the equipment (photos (fr)).

See all possible mounting and stand options (fr) to use the interactive board.

Four interactive board sizes available: 1.22 m x 1.00 m / 1.50 m x 1.22 m / 2.00 m x 1.22 m / 2.44 m x 1.22 m.


A separate multi-use shell, which can also be mounted atop your existing white board

projection shell

  • The protective shell can be mounted on your current white board, if you have one already. So there’s no need to toss out your “regular” white board just because you want to replace it with an interactive white board… There’s no installation cost or any additional delivery delay.

  • The protective shell can be mounted on a white or light-colored wall and that way you’ll have an interactive white wall for use at any time. Lots of teachers choose this installation in class because it lets you continue to use a white board and use an interactive board in addition. What’s more, the wall is a mat surface, so it’s ideal for projection and creates absolutely no reflection.