“Historical” IWB to boost class and meeting rooms

One of the first IWB sold in France, back to Speechi.

With the infrared touch technology, this interactive white board (IWB) is the perfect tool for your lass and presentation. The StarBoard IWB combine simple design with large, durable work surface to create a real additional work space; extremely convenient and user-friendly.

The basic software provided makes the IWB an interactive device. Conventional (magnetic board, markable and erasable) or interactive use (notes, internet access, control of the PC, etc), everything is intuitive.

Famous and intuitive IWB software

logiciel tni tbi staboard interactive
Once software supplied is installed to your PC connected to an overhead projector, you can use your finger or the digital pen provided to control the PC or import images into the PC or drawn characters into the white board. All this in real time, to enliven your class or presentation.

Developed by StarBoard (originally Hitachi), the software suite provides essential features.

  • Compatible Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Customizable toolbar to have your tools at hand
  • Digital ink palette: pens and highlighters to annotate and illustrate
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Import files (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, JPEG, etc)
  • Export annotations and notes in various formats
  • Direct access to the internet and to Google Images search
  • Providing various resources (images library, backgrounds, and animations)

Physical shorthand to access easily frequently used work tools

raccourci tbi starboardFunction buttons on each side of the interactive white board (IWB) are simple shorthand to access tools you use everyday. This feature includes 15 side buttons which allow the user to save time and to easily switch between the various IWB applications. It’s a real gain in terms of interactivity!

Interactive (and Collaborative) White Board with powerful touch technology


Up to 6 simultaneous users

The 6 touch points of the StarBoard IWB make the interactive white board an intuitive, convenient collaborative work tool. Six students or speakers can use simultaneously the device with specific tools and contents. It benefits you making dynamic, vibrant class and presentation.


Multi-touch gesture

Use your StarBoard IWB in a convenient and intuitive way. Annotate with your finger, change slide with your fist, use two fingers to erase, zoom in and out. This feature makes your touch IWB easy to use and allows smooth and quick presentation.

The StarBoard Fixed Touch IWB is also…

  • Available in two sizes: 79″ (128.1cm x 185.2cm x 3.5cm) or 89″ (128.2cm x 217.9cm x 3.5cm)
  • Large and light interactive surface
  • Including a digital pen
  • 2-years warranty