SpeechiTouch capacitive screen: the ultimate tactile technology

With the capacitive tactile screen, relive the experience of a smartphone on a larger scale. A standalone and powerful Android solution, perfect for your meetings and presentations, distinguished by its responsiveness, accuracy and fluidity

tactile capacitive screen speechitouch

The ideal interactive screen for graphic design jobs

Whether you are an architect, a graphic designer or an industrial designer, the precision, reactivity and writing comfort of the SpeechiTouch capacitive screen will be seductive. Its tactile technology is indeed the one that best meets the needs of these trades and the most naturally reproduces the experience of writing and drawing.

Capacitive interactive screen: a collaborative work tool

ops windows to insert into the interactive capacitive screen

For an all-in-one touch screen: complete the giant tactile tablet with… a PC

To make it an all-in-one work tool, insert a PC (OPS i5 or i7) into the edge of your capacitive display. In one gesture, call the source panel to switch from the giant Android tablet to the PC. To complete your tactile screen, choose, according to your needs, a classic PC or a PC on which is installed a software suite for professionals:

  • Office 2016 Suite (Word, Power Point, Excel)
  • The Tamashare videoconference and virtual desktop software
  • The Iolaos advanced presentation software
  • Draft or Ubikey (choose) : brainstorming and planning software

Three speakers for an immersive experience

The SpeechiTouch capacitive screen has three speakers: two 2 x 15W side speakers and a 15W subwoof speaker. Their number, their disposition and their power ensure a good sound range during videos or during your videoconferences. They guarantee to the people intervening by videoconference to be heard by all and make you forget the distance.