SpeechiTouch 65 “and SpeechiTouch 75” interactive LED touch screens fit all your rooms

SpeechiTouch 65 “and 75” interactive screens adapt easily to your environment: classrooms, reception halls, exhibition spaces (museums, galleries and supermarkets)

Assembled according to our own specifications, like all the interactive screens in our SpeechiTouch range, the components (LED panels , infrared technology, IPS technology, etc.) of our SpeechiTouch 65 “and 75” interactive screens are selected to offer you the best quality of image and interactivity on the market.

A classical class in France has between 30 and 40 students, our screens are suitable for use in the classroom and advantageously replace conventional IWBs.

interactive screen dimensions in accordance to the distance and the number of people in the classroom

The interactive touchscreen SpeechiTouch (video).

More than a giant touch screen: a fortiori a real Android tablet of 190cm diagonal

android touchscreenWith their built-in Android core, SpeechiTouch 65 “and 75” interactive touch screens are as easy to use as touch pads. Use the pre-installed applications, add yours and enjoy an interactive screen designed around the user navigation, as complete as it is intuitive.

With simple gestures, interact with your presentation, your Android system or switch to your computer (internally via the built-in fine computer – OPS, or externally by connecting your PC). No need for a device, stylus, or other hardware – the SpeechiTouch interactive screen is fully autonomous and intuitive.

Discover all the interactive screens running on Android: SpeechiTouch interactive screens.

The SpeechiTouch software suite, to fully exploit all the capabilities of the interactive screen

Because hardware is nothing without good software, we offer a SpeechiTouch software suite designed to enhance your presentations and courses through their interactivity and ease of use.

interactive screen software palette

An always accessible toolbar

With the SpeechiTouch toolbar, you can:

  • annotate all your content live
  • make screenshots (to add them in your next presentation for example)
  • go back or go to the home page.

It is accessible at any time, whether on Android, Windows, Mac or Linux, a click by pressing the button on both sides of the screen.

educational touchscreen software

A software to enrich all your courses

To complete the software offer, the SpeechiTouch 65 “and 75” interactive screens are delivered with the Iolaos software (Windows).

It allows you to create dynamic presentations, that can be enriched with many educational resources, for all subjects: maths, physics, chemistry, english…

SpeechiStore app store for your interactive screen

logiciel-ecran-tactile-speechishopThe SpeechiTouch touchscreen is equipped with an app store for Android: the SpeechiStore. The apps are free and selected by us.

ou will find utilities, interactive games, educational applications, multimedia players… to make the most of your SpeechiTouch 65 and 75-inch interactive display.

We continually enrich the SpeechiStore. Do you want to include a new app? Just ask us by simply filling out this form online.

An interactive screen to work better together

ecran-tactile-samba partage de documents

Share your documents on a network

With Samba, the documents you import or elaborate on the interactive screen can be easily shared with people connected to the same network as the screen by sharing its storage space. Enable and disable Samba whenever you want and manage access with a password.

connected school touchscreen

The interactive screen becomes a wifi hotspot

The hotspot feature of the new SpeechiTouch interactive screen allows you create your own Wi-Fi network and simply share it with your students or colleagues. Simply activate the hotspot of the touch screen and choose its access mode (free or with password). The 2.4Ghz or 5 GHz frequencies ensure a stable and fluid connection.

A robust, autonomous touch screen. A UHD image quality


Smart connectivity


Stream your screen image to other screens (HDMI out)

Thanks to the HDMI output of the SpeechiTouch interactive touchscreen, you can retransmit, in addition to the image of your screen, all the annotations you make on the overlay via the toolbar. This new touch screen connection is particularly useful during conferences or remote meetings. Thus, your interlocutors do not lose some of the information. Learn more about the HDMI out port of the SpeechiTouch interactive screen.


Multi-OS USB ports for the interactive screen (Android, Windows, Mac …)

The USB ports on the front of the SpeechiTouch interactive touch screen are automatically connected to the displayed video source. A definite advantage that allows your USB key or your keyboard to be always active. The devices connected to these USB ports will automatically switch to the channel you are going to. Find out more about the USB ports.

grand écran interactif tactile

Wide viewing angle of 178° and 4K image (UHD)

The comfortable size of their touch screen (respectively 165 cm and 190 cm diagonal) and their large viewing angle of 178 ° (the maximum that LED technology currently allows) offers incredible visibility for displaying high-definition images, without color distortion or trail effect.

SpeechiTouch 65 “and 75” touchscreens have a 4K resolution.

robust interactive screen

Robust multi-user interactive screens

Thanks to infrared sensors, placed under a tempered glass plate of 4 mm and a solid metal frame, interact with ease with your touch screen, to take notes, draw, annotate… With a touch of a finger or with a stylus.

The long-lasting 65 “and 75” SpeechiTouch touchscreen panel allows you to present presentations that are always dynamic and captivating.

An interactive and autonomous screen (thin PC integrated in the screen)

pc-integre touchscreenThanks to OPS technology, our interactive screens can be delivered with a PC integrated in a part of the screen, or a more powerful Android 3x system.

The interactive screen becomes intelligent and completely autonomous. No more cables are needed.

The installation is simplified and more elegant.

Wireless Speechi transmitter for interactive touchscreens 003

Transmit image and touch from your PC / Mac to an interactive screen

Our wireless BYOD “Plug & Play” transmitter allows for remote interaction with the interactive touch screen from a PC or MAC (up to 8 simultaneous devices).

Discover the BYOD wireless transmitter in a video.

OTA update

Automatic update of your interactive touch screen

We have developed an application that allows you to remotely update your interactive screen. You are automatically notified of the availability of the update.

You just have to accept it (or not). To learn more about updating your screen, click here.