SpeechiTouch 55″ LED interactive display: an Android touch screen optimized for your small classrooms and meeting rooms

The interactive screen touchscreen SpeechiTouch (video).

The SpeechiTouch 55″ interactive screen has been designed for optimal use in collective environments: intensive school use, meeting rooms and public places.

Like all interactive screens from the SpeechiTouch range, the SpeechiTouch 55 interactive screen is assembled according to our own specifications to offer you the best image quality (UHD resolution – 3840 x 2160 pixels) and interactivity (infrared technology, Android core) on the market.

The SpeechiTouch 55″ LED interactive screen is the ideal partner for your presentations: time saving, collaborative work and easy note taking, accessible educational tools.

A fluid and light interactive screen for powerful presentations

The SpeechiTouch 55″ interactive screen is the lightest on the French market. With a weight of only 30 kg, its transport and installation are considerably improved.Thanks to the 20 contact points, several people can interact on the screen at the same time for both classroom exercise and business meetings.

A giant and connected Android touch tablet

android écran interactif

The interactive screen SpeechiTouch 55 inches, is equipped with an integrated Android system that makes it a real giant, autonomous and intuitive touch tablet. Your touchscreen turns on almost instantly and provides a simple and convenient interface from the start, with pre-installed applications and a toolbar that is always available.

This digital toolbox allows you to access a rich menu, in order to annotate your presentations or create new slides.

If you prefer to use a PC, you can plug it into the interactive screen or integrate a thin PC (OPS technology) into the edge of the interactive screen itself, so you can switch from Android to Windows in a snap, without external hardware or wiring.


interactive screen software palette

The permanent toolbar for interactive screens

The toolbar is your interactive screen toolbox, accessible at any time by pressing the button on the sides of the screen.

It allows you to annotate the screen, create slides, take a screenshot whether you are under Android, Windows or from any video source connected to the screen.


Iolaos, touch screen presentation software

SpeechiTouch touch screens also come with software (for Windows), which allows you to create rich presentations with many educational resources to animate your courses.

Whether in math, physics, chemistry or English, the Iolaos interactive screen software allows you to enrich and revitalize your presentation with digital tools adapted to each subject.

Android interactive screen application store

logiciel-ecran-tactile-speechishopThe SpeechiTouch touchscreen is equipped with an application store for Android: the SpeechiStore. The applications are free and selected by us. You will find utilities, interactive games, educational applications, multimedia players… to exploit all the possibilities of your 55 inch SpeechiTouch interactive screen.

We are constantly enhancing the SpeechiStore. Do you want to include a new application? Just ask us by simply filling in this online form.

A robust multitouch interactive screen: 50,000 hours of use

écran tactile interactif android speechitouch 55 pouces

gestes écran tactile

A precise touch screen, and multitouch

Thanks to high-resolution infrared sensors, placed all around the screen, the SpeechiTouch 55″ interactive screen responds to multitouch gestures such as zooming, moving, magnifying. All this under Windows (OPS) as well as on Android.

For example, it allows you to interact with several people on the screen, with disconcerting simplicity and precision of touch.

verre écran interactif

Rugged and durable touchscreen

Selected according to our own specifications, from major brands (LG, Samsung…), the LED panels of our interactive displays have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, or 30 years of use at a rate of 8 hours per day, and give you access to the best image technology on the market.

A solid metal frame and a tempered glass cover (4 mm) protect the infrared sensors, as well as the LED panel, of the 55″ display against shocks and deformations. The glass slab is located at level è of the Mohs resistance scale (which measures the hardness of minerals). It is as resistant as quartz.
As a result, your SpeechiTouch 55″ interactive screen stands the test of time….

ecran tactile interactif

A wide viewing angle of 178°

Thanks to its wide 178° viewing angle, the image displayed on the SpeechiTouch 55″ interactive screen is visible from all points in the room, without colour distortion or drag effect (thanks to IPS technology).

Perfect for large classrooms, meeting rooms or training rooms. No one will lose a crumb of your presentations anymore!

pc integre écran tactile

Integrated intelligent and autonomous interactive display (integrated thin PC)

Thanks to OPS technology, our interactive displays can be delivered with a PC integrated in the screen area or a faster and more powerful Android system than the interactive display.

The screen thus becomes totally autonomous, allowing you to switch between Android and Windows almost instantly. No more cables are required. Installation is simplified, more convenient and elegant.