Speechi Touch Pro: The range of interactive displays adapted to professionals

Farewell notebooks, isolated and quickly lost leaves!

Now, proactive touchscreen interactive pro screens are taking centre stage and adapting to corporate meeting rooms with their collaborative software suite. With Pro Touch Interactive Screens, collaborate easily on a screen as intuitive as a touch tablet. And for good reason, the Speechi Touch Pro displays have an Android system that combines intuitiveness with quick start-up. With these screens adapted to work in companies, you are now operational and can start your meetings in a few seconds.

The Android heart of pro-active interactive touch screens combined with the power of a computer

In addition to the Android core, Speechi Touch pro interactive screens have an OPS Windows 10, in other words, a computer integrated in their slice, which makes them totally autonomous. Screen users benefit from the power of an integrated computer and have the suite Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) widely used in business. If these interactive pro displays have an embedded PC, you still have the possibility to connect your computer thanks to its very complete connectivity (HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232) which allows the freedom to connect other devices.


Discover the features of the SpeechiTouch Pro interactive screen in video

A collaborative software suite ideal for strengthening teamwork

On the OPS, Speechi Touch pro interactive screens are installed 4 software programs chosen for their collaborative features.


Collaborate remotely with Tamashare

This videoconferencing software, provided with a 5-person license, offers an intuitive workspace ideal for remote collaboration. Tamashare will appeal to all companies working in highly competitive markets and wishing to best protect their data through transmission and session encryption.


A camera for your videoconferences

In addition to Tamashare software, Speechi Touch Pro interactive displays are supplied with a Logitech C920 camera. Collaborate remotely in good conditions thanks to its beautiful image quality (Full HD, 1080 pixels) and its integrated microphone.


Share your ideas with Draft

Create virtual “Post-it” © for your team brainstorming with Draft. Accessible via the Web, each collaborator, even remotely, will be able to contribute to the tables. It is the right software for any meeting, whether improvised or recurring thanks to software backups.


Animate your meetings with Je Lève La Main

This software designed to create quizzes easily is ideal for surveying or training your colleagues. Supplied with a 30-person license, it allows you to collect opinions simply and, if necessary, anonymously. Follow the answers given live and generate graphs for an overview.


Create powerful presentations with Iolaos

Iolaos is an intuitive application to easily create dynamic and powerful presentations. With its Android palette, which you can call using two contact points on the interactive screen, annotate a web page or document and switch the annotated screenshot to a slide.


Agile project management simplified with Ubikey software

The Ubikey software has been specially developed to match the dimensions and multitouch of the interactive screen. With its multitude of templates, you can manage your projects using the most famous lean methods. This software is available as an option to replace the Draft software.

The interactive pro screen: a sharing tool for better collaboration

The wireless hotspot and Samba are two features accessible from the Speechitouch touchscreen settings.

hotspot de l'écran interactif

The wireless hotspot for connected meetings

Turn the touch screen into a wifi terminal thanks to the wifi module integrated in the interactive screen! The power of the wifi card allows you to set up your own wifi network and share it with your team. Determine how to access the network by setting or not setting a password.

The quality and stability of the wifi network created by the touchscreen hotspot will allow you to conduct connected meeting sessions without interruption! How to activate the wireless hotspot of the Speechitouch touch screen.

share documents on a touch screen

Samba to share your documents with your colleagues

In the touch screen of a meeting room, all types of documents are centralized that it is often useful for the team to have available on their own workstation. The Samba function on the interactive screen allows you to share storage space with employees connected to the same network as him.

Enable and disable sharing whenever you like and restrict access by creating a password that you will set each time you activate Samba. How to activate the Samba function of the Speechitouch interactive screen.

Interact remotely with the interactive touch screen for optimal collaboration

wireless touch connector

Our wireless transmitter BYOD allows you to control the interactive screen from your computer and the computer from your screen without connecting cables (up to 8 simultaneous devices).

Byod Speechi wireless transmitter in video.

At each meeting room, its interactive touch screen size pro

Speechi Touch Pro touchmonitors are available in 4 different sizes. To set up your meeting or work room with an interactive screen, it is a good idea to observe a minimum distance between the screen and the participants, depending on the size of the screen adopted.

The size of an interactive touch screen is chosen according to the size of your room and the number of participants:

  • The 55″ and 65″ are screen sizes suitable for start-ups and small businesses with between 10 and 20 employees.
  • The 75″ is perfect for medium and large companies that will accommodate up to 30 people in their meeting room.
  • Le 86″ is ideal for training rooms.


SpeechiStore, the Android collaborative application store for interactive displays

android interactive screen application storeDownload free and advertising-free Android applications from the SpeechiStore. Each of the applications integrated into the SpeechiStore has been previously tested to ensure its compatibility with the interactive screen and its collaborative interest. We also ensure that it meets security standards and does not contain inappropriate content.

Do you have an application idea that you would like to integrate into the Store? Submit this application via our online application form. We will test it and integrate it if it meets the criteria.

Technical specifications

SpeechiTouch Pro screen

Available sizes 55″,65″, 75″, 86″
Screen resolution UHD 4k
Number of contact points 20 contact points
Speakers 2 x 15W
Protective glass 4 mm, anti-reflective
Compatibility Windows 1-8-7-Vista-XP/Linux/Mac/Android/Wince/Chrome
Android version 7
Connectics HDMI, USB, VGA, RS232, HDMI output


Processor Intel Core i5 HD – Intel Core i7 UHD
RAM 4GB (HD) – 8GB (UHD)
Hard disk 500GB (HD) – 1T (UHD)
Graphic card Intel HD Graphics/Intel 61 Express Chipset – GT745M independent (supports 4k 2k resolution at video output)
Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi Dual band WiFi card 2.4G and 5G
OS Windows 10

Tamashare Software


Licence Licence for 5 persons
Cryption End-to-end communication encryption (possible AES 256, ANSI eligible)
Necessary flow rate Works with even limited throughput and automatically prioritizes flows (compression algorithm – 70 Kbits up)
Storage No external storage (streaming of information, no upload, therefore instant sharing)
Compatibility PC, MAC, Linux + Android / IOS (Q1 2017)
Technology Mix between video game technology (LUA) and the development of a CORE in C++ QT
Mode SAAS mode or Box mode possible. The BOX mode standard version can support 100 simultaneous participants.


© : “Post-it” is a registered trademark of 3M. The term “post-it”, when used in this page, refers only, by analogy and for comprehension purposes, to virtual notes displayed on an interactive screen and not to paper notepads marketed by 3M under the name “post-it”.