With the Iolaos interactive screen software, your presentations and courses take on a greater dimension

iolaos interactive screen software iconThe Iolaos interactive screen software allows you to prepare, facilitate all your courses and meetings with interactive presentations, and annotate any Windows application. Very convenient, Iolaos allows you to save your presentation and all the notes taken during the course or meeting, then share them with your audience.

A simple, user-friendly and powerful software: an asset for your interactive screen

The Iolaos software is very simple, user-friendly and powerful. It was designed from the start to work with multi-touch interactive displays, unlike software for traditional interactive boards on the market, which were designed for single-touch and adapted. Iolaos truly simplifies collaborative work since it can be used by 10 people simultaneously with the SpeechiTouch interactive screen.

It has been designed to be simple, practical and quick to learn: no need to spend hours in front of your screen to master advanced features. The main features are located in the central toolbar and are immediately understandable and usable.

With the Iolaos software for screens and interactive boards, you make your presentation interactive and captivating.

Iolaos is delivered free of charge with SpeechiTouch interactive screens.

Many tools available to boost your presentations

The software for interactive screens Iolaos, adapts to all your courses and meetings. Many tools are available to personalize, enrich your presentations and captivate your students or collaborators.

A new floating pallet that is simple and always accessible

Iolaos floating paletteVery convenient, the floating palette is always available to annotate all your presentations or Windows applications. This one is very similar in philosophy to the floating palette of interactive software eBeam Interact (the most popular software for interactive table and used by more than 60 000 teachers in France).

Video tutorials on the Iolaos interactive screen software