Interactive screen SpeechiTouch SuperGlass. Beware: High Precision!

On a SuperGlass interactive screen, interactivity and writing experience are second to none. It feels like you are writing as precisely as on a sheet of graph paper.


SuperGlass process: a boosted and optimized writing experience

The SuperGlass process gives a better writing experience by getting closer to “real” writing on paper: more fluid and more precise.


Two differentiated fine styluses

As the detection of the screen reaches hyper precision, the objects it is able to detect can be finer. The SpeechiTouch SuperGlass touch screen is therefore provided with two styluses whose point is of different thickness (3mm for the smallest). Thus identified as two different styluses, each stylus has its color.

The SuperGlass SpeechiTouch interactive screens in our shop

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How does the high-precision tactile screen (SuperGlass) work?

A denser tactile mesh for better accuracy

The tactile screen SuperGlass detects your gestures on the screen with extreme precision thanks to the high density of the optical rays that scan it (a density multiplied by 16 compared to a traditional infrared touch screen). The hyper precision of the interactive SuperGlass screen is also enhanced by the addition of rays that cross, not only horizontally and vertically the screen, but also diagonally. The mesh of the screen is therefore redundant, which makes it possible to minimize the shadows.

Find out everything on the SuperGlass process

ecran-interactif-superglasshyper-precision-infrarougeOptical rays of a traditional infrared interactive screen.
ecran-interactif-superglasshyper-precision-superglassOptical rays of a SuperGlass interactive screen.

The optical link to write “above” the glass.

When writing on a traditional interactive screen, the line is formed below the protective glass, which is 4 mm thick. The location of the line drawn by the stylus or the finger (under the glass) is different from the point actually touched by the user (on the glass). The optical link of the SuperGlass tactile screen cancels this phenomenon and gives you the impression of writing directly on the LCD screen and not under the glass.
You can see so in the stylus photos below.

ecran-interactif-superglas-sstylet-difference-infrarougeWithout optical link.
ecran-interactif-superglasss-tylet-difference-superglassWith optical link.

Schéma de l'écran interactif SpeechiTouch SuperGlass Haute Précision

Hyper power of the Android core

SpeechiStore, the free Android App Store for interactive screens

magasin applications android pour écran interactifComplete the use of your tactile screen by downloading Android apps from our SpeechiStore app store. These apps are selected according to specific criteria : they must be free, without advertising, without content deemed inappropriate. They are tested by us to validate their educational interest, collaborative interest… We also test the security aspects of selected applications.

An idea of an app to be added to the SpeechiStore?
This ecosystem of apps is continually enriched to offer you always more useful and relevent apps. An idea of an app to be added to the SpeechiStore?
Submit it to us on the online request form.


Finger recognition + 2 styluses

This feature in the annotation software, in Power Point or in le logiciel de collaboration Draft identifies the stylus as a writing tool and your finger as a mouse (click, move…).

This feature is shared by almost all SpeechiTouch tactile screens, with the difference that the High Precision screen not only differentiates one, but two styluses as well as the finger to make them write in two different colors.

A touch screen that adapts to all environments

Offered in a variety of sizes (from 65’’ to 86’’), the SpeechiTouch High Precision interactive display adapts and integrates seamlessly into your space.