The eBeam interactive screen: a complete tool for pedagogy, interaction and collaboration

Initially coupled exclusively to the IWB eBeam, the eBeam Scrapbook software has been appreciated by tens of thousands of French teachers for its ease of use and ergonomics for the past 10 years. The eBeam interactive display comes with the multitouch version of this software that has been adapted for use on a 4K interactive display.

Discover the eBeam Touchscreen (vidéo).

The eBeam 4K Ultra HD interactive screen in a few words…


The eBeam UHD 4K interactive screen is:

  • 4 screen sizes available (from 55” to 86”) with a diagonal measurement of up to 2.18 m.
  • Android core for an interactive screen as simple, fast, responsive and ergonomic as a touch pad.
  • 20 simultaneous contact points and very high tactile accuracy.
  • The ability to integrate a Windows PC into the screen.
  • A rich connectivity to complement any other device.
  • Integrated 2×12 watts speakers.
  • A 4 mm tempered and anti-reflective glass.
  • Features such as the Hotspot (create a wifi network from the screen) or Samba (share files from the screen to others).

The eBeam Interactive Multitouch software in a few words…


A tool wheel

The eBeam Interactive Multitouch software comes in the form of a palette that accompanies you no matter which page you go to on the interactive screen.

This palette provides you with tools to annotate what is displayed on the screen, highlight, draw figures or take screenshots.


A scrapbook for your presentations

The eBeam software scrapbook is an improved power point for creating your presentations.

Import media, screenshots, access a rich resource gallery to illustrate your slides, present or collaborate remotely with the “Meeting” function.

Enhanced eBeam Interactive software for an Ultra HD

The eBeam Interactive Scrapbook software has been enhanced to perfectly match the high-end features and technical characteristics of the 4K Ultra HD and multitouch interactive displays.


A screen and Multitouch software

The Scrapbook software natively integrated into the touch screen has been developed to become multitouch. This version of the software now offers the possibility of involving several people at the same time on the screen.


Ultra HD 4K image quality

To take advantage of all the technical qualities of the 4K UHD interactive display, the eBeam Scrapbook software has increased its resolution to 4K quality. Unsurpassed image quality by the market’s IWPs and IPVs.

The eBeam Scrapbook software: from the eBeam IWB to the interactive eBeam 4K UHD

Initially distributed exclusively with our eBeam IWB, the interactive eBeam Scrapbook software takes a leap forward by natively integrating the eBeam 4K interactive screen. By changing the support, the interactive software gains in quality and ease of use, and for good reason:

  • All problems related to the installation and calibration of the IWB disappear.
  • The 4K Ultra UHD interactive display provides a bright image with vivid and sharp colours. Since the light is not projected, but emanates from the screen, there is no loss of light.

Learn more about the eBeam Interactive software.


Thousands of eBeam resources available for sharing

The Interagir site is a portal of educational resources created from the eBeam Scrapbook software. Teachers can share their own resources and access those of their colleagues. All resources available on this site can be downloaded and used on an interactive touch screen, an interactive whiteboard or an interactive projector. Find inspiration and share your own scrapbook resources! Discover the Interagir website.