With SpeechiTouch’s giant touchscreens running on Android, interactivity changes of era

An autonomous interactive screen, simpler, more intuitive, richer

android in touchscreensThe SpeechiTouch giant touchscreens are giant tablets running on Android, with a diagonal can reach 2.18 m. The Android core (version 7.0) is included in the giant touchscreen and allows:

  • to gain in ergonomics and simplicity (the touch screen turns on much faster and is handled much more easily, without a PC)
  • to be more responsive (the touch screen reacts very quickly to annotations and gestures thanks to its Android core)
  • to be better adapted to the uses in a classroom or in a meeting room (many Android applications will be available, like on a tablet)

Some SpeechiTouch interactive screens in our shop

Ecran interactif SpeechiTouch Visio 65"
Education :
2 390 € excluding VAT
2 890 €
Business :
2 590 € excluding VAT
3 060 €
Education :
2 539 € excluding VAT
( 53,17 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 989 €
Business :
2 669 € excluding VAT
( 55,89 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 089 €
Android Interactive Touch Screen SpeechiTouch HD - 75"
Education :
1 969 € excluding VAT
( 41,23 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 399 €
Business :
2 069 € excluding VAT
( 43,32 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 549 €
Android Interactive Touch Screen SpeechiTouch HD - 75"
Education :
2 589 € excluding VAT
( 54,21 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 049 €
Business :
2 719 € excluding VAT
( 56,94 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 149 €

A giant Android touch pad that makes your life easier

interactive touchscreen android speechitouch

  • The Android buttons “Home” and “Back” are directly available on the touch screen, to facilitate the handling of all Android applications.
  • Three USB ports are also available in the front of the interactive screen. They allow you to have immediate access to your presentations, documents, etc…
  • The toolbar, available on both sides of the screen with a simple gesture, can annotate and save at any time what you are showing on the screen.
  • All settings of the touchscreen (channel selection, brightness, language …) are made via an Android application, directly accessible at any time. You will forget the spelling of the word “remote”.
  • You can install your own apps on the tablet via the Android store “SpeechiStore”.
  • The “Camera” app allows you to connect any camera / WebCam / standard visualisor directly to a USB socket on the screen
  • The interactive screen connects directly to the Web, via an Ethernet cable or its built-in WiFi module (2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies ensuring a stable and smooth internet connection)


Discover the new functionalities of the interactive touchscreen SpeechiTouch in a video.

SpeechiStore, the free Android application store with no ads for interactive screens

android app store for interactive screensTo complete the use of your screen, you can download Android apps from our SpeechiStore app store. They are selected according to specific criteria: they must be free, without advertising, without content deemed inappropriate and are tested by us to validate their interest (for pedagogy, collaboration …).
We also test the security aspects of selected applications.

We are constantly enriching this ecosystem of applications to provide you with more useful and timely applications. Do you have an idea of ​​an app to add to SpeechiStore? Submit it to us on the online add request form.

SpeechiTouch interactive screen on Android: a true giant tablet

Discover the interactive screen SpeechiTouch in a video.

The interactive screen: an educational and collaborative workspace

touchscreen with hotspot for classroom tablets

The wireless hotspot for connected classes

Thanks to the power of the integrated Wi-Fi card in its slot, the interactive screen can become a wireless wifi terminal. Create your own Wi-Fi network from the touchscreen and share it with others by determining the terms of access (free or with password).

The Speechitouch touchscreen ensures a sufficiently stable and qualitative wifi network on which your employees or students can connect to work in good conditions. Find out more on the wireless hotspot of the touchscreen Speechitouch.

touchscreen document sharing with Samba functionality

The Samba functionality to share your documents

During your classes or work sessions, you create or import documents on the touchscreen. Thanks to the Samba functionality, all the storage space of the touchscreen can be shared with all those connected on the same network as the screen.

Enable and disable sharing whenever you want and limit its access by setting a password that you determine each time you activate Samba. Find out more on the Samba fonctionality of the interactive screen Speechitouch.

Interactive screens that replace interactive video projectors and other fixed interactive whiteboards

Interactive touchscreen SpeechiTouch at school

Fixed interactive boards and their variations (interactive video projectors) have failed to gain a foothold in France where they equip less than 20% of meeting rooms and classrooms. The causes of this failure? Their materials were ultimately unsatisfactory to the use of the fact:

  • of their complexity (use of the PC absolutely necessary). They were not designed as simple, autonomous tools.
  • their unreliability (dust-sensitive projectors, not easy to maintain)
  • their lack of quality (problems with responsiveness, image quality, glare…)

All these problems disappeared with the new touch screens running Android. The use has become extremely simple, almost absolute reliability, picture quality (Full HD or 4K) perfect, without any glare.


Touchscreens adapted to the great digital plan of the National Education

The National Education plans to equip a large number of college students with digital tablets in September 2015. It admits, however, that this plan can only succeed if teachers are involved.

The new SpeechiTouch screens, through their Android technology, make it possible to have a giant tablet in every classroom, tablet around which students can share, present, collaborate, learn.

A revolutionary interactive screen technology, an affordable price

Android SpeechiTouch touchscreens are no more expensive than traditional screens (see SpeechiTouch touchscreen prices), they are simply more powerful, better integrated, richer use.

A PC perfectly integrated into the touchscreen


Many users obviously want to retain the ability to access a PC. The Android core of the SpeechiTouch touchscreens also make PC use much easier, because the source panel allows you to switch instantly from Android to Windows and from Windows to Android, at any time, just by dragging your finger down to the top of the screen.

Your PC can be external (connected to the screen via a USB cable and a video cable) or internal (OPS module, placed in the thickness of the touch screen).


presentation tool interactive screen iolaos

The software for interactive screens Iolaos

The screen comes with the Iolaos multitouch interactive screen software that runs on Windows. Iolaos is a simple and powerful software that allows you to build interactive presentations, show them to your audience, annotate the content of any Windows application.

It also contains numerous digital resources and scientific modules: mathematics (geometric plots and formulas), physics (forces, electricity) and chemistry (materials, chemical elements).


SpeechiTouch Touch Screen OPS Modules

The SpeechiTouch OPS modules come with a rich software package including the Iolaos software as well as all guides and instructions for use.

Placed in the edge of the interactive screen, they will turn on automatically when you use the screen so that the touch screen remains completely autonomous and integrated. They also have a keyboard and a wireless mouse.

Chopse between an OPS running on Windows or an Android OPS, even faster and more powerful than the integrated system.

OPS for SpeechiTouch interactive screen in our shop

Education :
929 € excluding VAT
( 19,45 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Business :
949 € excluding VAT
( 19,87 € excl tax / month in leasing)
Education :
1 099 € excluding VAT
( 23,01 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 290 €
Business :
1 149 € excluding VAT
( 24,06 € excl tax / month in leasing)
1 290 €

High-end interactive screens, reliable and guaranteed for 3 years

ecran tactile haut de gammeDue to their revolutionary operation, we have began by presenting the software features of the SpeechiTouch touchscreens, which are on the day of writing these pages, unique on the market. And their equipment and material operation are also irreproachable and upscale.

Interactivity of the touch screen

The SpeechiTouch touchscreens feature infrared interactivity, reliable and accurate, with 20 touch points. No calibration is necessary.

The response time of the interactive screens is almost instantaneous and the precision is perfect. We invite you to come and see for yourself in our showroom, in Lille or at one of our authorized distributors.

The “touch – skim” of an Android tactile tablet

You can take notes, draw, annotate with a caress or with your fingertips, with a stylus or with solid objects. The recognition of Android gestures is perfectly natural.

touchscreen connectivity

Rich connectivity

All interactive screens SpeechiTouch are equipped with a complete connectivity: HDMI, HDMI output, VGA, USB, Ethernet, Audio, Video…

interactive screen sizes

Custom-made touch screens

All screen sizes from 55 to 86″ are available in the SpeechiTouch range, in ultra-high definition (4K).

Interact remotely with the interactive touch screen

wireless sharing interactive touchscreen SpeechiTouch 003

Our wireless BYOD transmitter transmits image and Touch from a PC or MAC (up to 8 simultaneous devices).
Watch video

Via the ScreenShare Pro app and our wireless transmitter

Installed natively on the Android part of our interactive screen, the BYOD Screenshare Pro app allows you to connect any external device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) to your touch screen and share your tablet’s, smartphone’s or PC’s screen. The little bonus: on Windows and Mac, the touch is preserved.
Watch video

Automatically update your interactive screen

OTA updateYour interactive screen includes inside it an Android chip, which aims to manage the entire video portion of the screen. In general, the long and tedious updates are often sources of anxiety for the users.

We have developed an Android application, integrated into the screen operating system, that allows you to update your screen remotely and improve its performance with OTA technology, “Over The Air”.

The updates we send you are the same as iOS updates on Iphone or Freebox on Free.

Robust and lightweight touch screens, a perfect image

The interactive screens are hardened to allow optimal use in the classroom and more generally in a collective environment (reception halls, museum exhibition halls).

The slabs come from major Korean brands (LG, Samsung ..) and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, or 30 years of use at 8 hours a day. Simply the best image technology on the market.

Because of the great integration of components and the use of aluminum whenever possible, SpeechiTouch touch screens are also among the lightest on the market.