Become a distributor of Speechi interactive solutions


We are looking for reliable partners, able to develop Speechi sales with our help in the long term, to develop a sustainable and profitable business, both for us and for you. We offer a complete, innovative and competitive price range that differentiates our partners. Last but not least, we do value our relationship and we strive to build long-term commercial work with our partners (long-term commercial development, calls for tenders).

Our partners therefore benefit from very advantageous resale prices, an exclusive offer and all the necessary product information (technical training, sales, support).

Ça vous intéresse ?

If your company is active in any of the areas below, the distribution of the Speechi range is probably something you should consider :

  • Giant touchscreens running Android for education and businesses
  • Mobile IWB, IWB, interactive video projectors
  • Online evaluation solutions
  • Collaborative Work Solutions

If you wish to be contacted by a member of our sales team, please fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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