Download the “Je lève la main” mobile app.

logo logiciel jllm/>”Je Lève La Main” is an online assessment system that is easy, universal, and accessible to everyone, because of its total compatibility with any device that connects to the Internet, including web browsers, PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, but also iPhone, smartphones, and Android tablets.

“Je Lève La Main” gives teachers and trainers access to a variety of complete quiz capabilities to help facilitate their presentations and assess their audience’s understanding: multiple choice, text-based questions, numerical questions, true/false, etc.

The “Lever la Main” feature, fully integrated into the software, allows the audience to signal themselves in a non-intrusive way to the teacher, who can then act accordingly for a better understanding of their presentation.

The answers given are then stored in the cloud and can be securely accessed once the session is over. Quizzes can be shared and launched from within the software. They thus form an extensive online quiz library that can be reused by other teachers and trainers in their own course sessions.

*”Je Lève La Main” is a free application for all educational institutions affiliated with the National Education system or under contract until the baccalaureat exam (classes of 40 or more).

Presentation of the evaluation software “Je Lève La Main” : online voting system (video).

Complete and accessible tools for assessment and analysis

Refining models of education and school guidance

cloudBecause of its cloud-based architecture, the ” Je Lève La Main ” system opens the way to new methods of predictive analysis, allowing to highlight the impact of different teaching techniques, in order to improve the quality of teaching.

The monitoring functionalities offered by “Je Lève La Main” also make it easy to highlight the strengths and difficulties of students, who can then benefit from relevant advice on their academic orientation.


API “Je Lève La Main” : exploit all the resources of the voting software

API Je Lève La Main schéma
With the API, you will be able to use a lot of data from the “I Raise My Hand” application (quizzes, users, results…), in order to analyse the performance of students or groups of students in a more global way.

You can create your own analysis and study tools, using the “Je Lève La Main” resources made available to you through the API.


A version of Je Lève La Main for businesses

enterprise evaluation software

Whether it is to train your team, make a decision, survey or analyze survey data, having such software is very useful for companies.

A version of the software has therefore been created for companies with a customized interface, but with exactly the same functionalities.