Our Range of Mounts for Interactive Screen

For an optimal installation of your interactive screen, we provide a wide range of mounts.

You can choose from wall, mobile (on rollers), or stand mounts. Those mounts can be height-adjustable, with an electric (motor) or a manual (spring system requiring no effort, really cool!) control.  Some of those mounts are “tiltable”.

The table below summaries the different mount options for interactive screen, depending on your needs and your budget.

We have developed the widest possible range of mounts to meet all in class or at work situations.

Know however that mounts on rollers allow only relative mobility, mount and screen weight always exceed 40kg, and will never fit in staircases. While we’re working on the prices, height-adjustable mounts are still quite expensive (similar to the price of a screen 55’’).  Mechanical parts of the mounts, which support the weight of the screen, will always be more fragile than the screen itself and moving the screen always reduces its service life because of bumps.

For the above reasons and except identified specific needs, we recommend that you choose a standard fixed wall mount, the cost of which is reasonable.

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Which mount for which use?

Wall Mount for Interactive Screen


Single Fixed Wall Mount

  • Money-Saving Mount
  • Quick to Install Mount
  • Solid and fixed installation on the wall
  • The screen is fixed and will not be damaged when moving
  • Space-saving
  • Check the quality of the wall, wall-mounted reinforcement may be needed


Height-Adjustable Wall Mounts

  • Height-adjustable to users with a motor or a spring system
  • Various amplitude levels available
  • Some mounts have a pedestal, required for some type of very fragile walls
  • More expensive system, required when user’s height varies widely (e.g. kindergarten class)
  • If the screen just need to be height-adjusted, this system is preferred over a roller system.

Single Stand Mount for Interactive Screen


Very cheap, such mounts are perfect in specific situations (screen placed on a shelf or on a table). They’re very useful in all the rooms where it’s impossible, for various reasons, to touch the wall. The stand is fixed to the screen, so no mechanical wear.

Height-Adjustable and Tiltable Mounts


Those mounts are expensive but amazing. They assure you mobility and flexibility, because in addition to being able to move your screen, you will be able to change the direction. It will switch easily from upright position to tilted position. Height can be adjust with the wired control (motor).

Specific models allow you to turn this product into an actual interactive and touch table. It’s highly appreciated in museums and lobbies.

Those “Tiltables” are fitted with rollers to freely move your interactive screen. You can even choose between two colors available (grey or black).

Height-Adjustable Mount Without Motor: a really cool system…

We provide a high-tech mount system based on a spring concept which allows to move up/down the interactive screen, whatever its size, with a slight finger pressure. This is the most ergonomic, compact and simple solution of all height-adjustable solutions.

It works without motor, which makes it a perfect solution in school environment (no danger for children). But we recommend also this device for meeting rooms because of its elegant and cool design.

The height is real-time adjustable and no cabling or specific wiring is required.

This dynamic spring system can be integrated both in a wall system, with or without pedestal, and in roller mobile system. In single wall version, it’s cheaper than a solution with a motor.