SpeechiTouch 86″ Giant Touch Screen Display – 98″ – The UHD Interactive Display

86″ and 98″ interactive touch screens, the giants of the SpeechiTouch range

ecran interactif 86 pouces

86″ interactive screen : the screen of large classrooms and meeting rooms

The SpeechiTouch 86″ interactive screen has been designed for classrooms with more than 30 students, which are increasingly common in France. It is also a touch screen for large meeting rooms (videoconferencing and collaboration).

ecran interactif 98 pouces

98″ interactive screen : the perfect screen for amphitheatres and very large meeting rooms

This is the largest interactive screen in the entire SpeechiTouch range. Its very large touch surface makes this interactive screen the best choice to dress a wall in an amphitheatre, very large meeting rooms (50 people) or company showrooms.

The giant interactive screen designed for large class and meeting spaces

Of all our SpeechiTouch interactive screens, the SpeechiTouch 86″ (218 cm diagonal) and 98″ (248.92 cm diagonal) interactive screens are the largest and most powerful. They are optimized for school use.

An 86″ interactive screen well positioned in a class of 35 students will be readable by 100% of the students with normal vision (97% in a class of 40 students). The 98″ interactive screen is ideal for classrooms with more than 40 students, such as a small amphitheatre or auditorium.

In France, where the typical class size is between 30 and 40 students, these screen sizes are the most suitable for classroom use, replacing the interactive whiteboard.

interactive screen size depending on the distance and number of people in a classroom

The SpeechiTouch interactive touch screen (video).

A giant Android touch screen

android touchscreenLike the entire range ofSpeechiTouch touchscreens, lthe SpeechiTouch 86″ and 98″ interactive screens feature an Android core that makes all tasks more intuitive, all interaction simpler and more complete.

The touch screen is a giant Android tablet that starts up almost instantly, you can access the Android interface in seconds. You’ll find the gestures you know on your tablets or smartphones, as well as the essential applications.

A complete software suite for interactive displays

interactive screen software panel

Toolbar always available

The toolbar can be accessed at any time and from any source, simply by clicking on the button on the sides of the giant touch screen.

It allows you to annotate any screen, take a screenshot, create slides for your presentations and navigate through your pages.

touchscreen educational software

Iolaos presentation software

For all your courses, the Iolaos software for interactive screen brings you many digital tools and resources, in scientific subjects (maths, physics, chemistry) or in English.

Create rich and dynamic presentations, adapted to your field of study.


interactive screen software application

SpeechiTouch Android AppStore

Equipped with several pre-installed applications, the 86″ and 98″ SpeechiTouch interactive displays feature a SpeechiTouch Android application store.

It will allow you to further enrich your use of the giant interactive screen with numerous applications selected by us.

We are constantly updating the SpeechiStore. Would you like to include a new application? All you have to do is ask us by simply filling in this online form.

interactive touchscreen

Wider viewing angle 178° for interactive screen

In a class of 40 students where an interactive screen is used potentially 100% of the time or in an amphitheater, it is very important that all students can see perfectly the image displayed on the interactive screen regardless of their position in the room.

The 86″ and 98″ interactive displays feature the new IPS technology that retains the best colour quality when viewing the giant interactive screen at an angle (up to 178°) with no smearing or colour distortion.

Incredible image quality thanks to ultra-high definition

touchscreen hd uhd

The 86″ and 98″ interactive displays are available in ultra-high definition resolution (UHD, 3840 x 2160 pixels), which is four times better than Full HD interactive displays (1920 x 1080 pixels).

The image obtained is of exceptional quality. It’s even finer and more legible.

Brightness designed for prolonged use

The intense brightness of the interactive LED screens (450 to 700 cd / m2) can create a visual overload effect causing tiredness and headaches for students and teachers in case of prolonged use.

In theory, the teacher should systematically lower the brightness of the screen. In fact, in situ studies show that this is almost never the case.

We have limited the brightness of our interactive screen 86″ as well as that of our 98″ interactive screen offered at 330 cd / m², which is an optimal setting for prolonged viewing in class (several hours without tiredness).

LED technology for energy savings

A giant interactive screen SpeechiTouch, both 86″ and 98″, is equipped with LED technology that reduces the power consumption of the interactive display by 52% when switched on compared to conventional LCD technologies for the same screen size.

For example, a large interactive display consumes a maximum of only 500 W when switched on (compared to 800 W for a conventional LCD display) – in addition, LED technology improves the picture quality (sharpness, colorimetry, brightness).

un ecran interactif écologique

Giant Interactive Screen : Energy saving device.

Like all screens in the SpeechiTouch range, the large 86″/98″ interactive screen has a (programmable) timer that automatically switches the screen to standby in the event of inactivity.

In standby mode, the power consumption is less than 0.3 W.

Shockproof multi-user interactive touch screen

Protected by a 4mm tempered glass plate and a sturdy metal frame, the giant SpeechiTouch touch screen is protected from shocks and deformation.

Thanks to high-definition infrared sensors, the giant SpeechiTouch interactive screen responds to “multitouch” gestures (such as zooming, moving, enlarging…) just like on the iPad. Several people can use it simultaneously.

30 year life span

If an interactive screen cost the same as a fixed interactive board – for the same image size – everyone would opt for the flat screen, which has many advantages.

interactive touchscreen

  • better image quality (higher contrast, better sharpness, much better definition),
  • a better adjusted and easier to obtain image (no image adjustment necessary),
  • longer life (50,000 hours, or 30 years of use, with an image of constant quality compared to 2,000 to 4,000 hours for a video projector lamp with an image whose brightness decreases over time),
  • no drop shadow on the interactive screen => maximum writing comfort, while a fixed interactive whiteboard, even with a short-throw video projector, always has a cast shadow,
  • a better quality of interactivity (finger + stylus) that makes the interactive screen look like a giant iPad (better, because it is much more natural to write on the giant interactive screen than on your iPad…).

However, the cost over 8 years of a fixed interactive board used 2,000 hours / year, with its maintenance, its lamps and its installation is approximately 8,000 to 10,000 € excl. tax.

For a lower price, it is now possible to obtain a giant SpeechiTouch interactive screen (86″ or 98″), which has a much longer lifetime (50,000 hours).

An intelligent, stand-alone touch screen (PC integrated into the screen)


Thanks to the OPS technology, our interactive screens can be delivered with a PC integrated in the edge of the screen.

The screen becomes intelligent and totally autonomous under Windows, no more cables are required.

Installation is simplified and more elegant.

Automatic update of your interactive screen

OTA update We have developed an application that allows you to remotely update your interactive screen. You are automatically notified of the availability of the update.

You just have to accept it (or not). To learn more about updating your screen, click here.