Learn programming in our Algora schools

What are Algora schools?

An Algora school is a place where children aged 6 to 9 and teenagers aged 9 to 14 learn to program with robots! New programming schools are constantly being opened in France, overseas territories and abroad. To find an Algora programming school near you and find all the information, please visit our Algora website.

Programming workshop for 6-9 year olds

Programming workshop for 9-14 year olds

Programming mission!

For Algora, learning programming is not just a hobby, but an essential knowledge that must be shared by all. Mastering algorithms means giving yourself the means to better control the world around you and to exercise your critical thinking skills. If our mission is very serious, our robotics workshops are very fun! Playful, concrete and creative as they wish, Algora school classes are always fun. Depending on the school, you will have the choice between discovery workshops, internships for holidays and regular extracurricular activity.

Programming workshops for children (6-9 years old)

cour robotique 6-9 algora

For the youngest, our workshops offered in extracurricular activities extend over 2 years and revolve around 3 types of workshops that follow one another in turn.

Robotics workshop

The child manufactures non-programmed robots that only work from a motor, gears and/or wheels. Among the robots offered, a spinning top launcher, a walking robot, an aircraft launcher, and even a cable car!

Programming workshop

The child learns to program robots with icons. On the program, full of games! Small delivery car, fire truck, treasure hunt, musical game…

3D puzzle workshop

This workshop is a privileged moment where the child develops his or her reflection, logic and vision in space by feeling and doing. Balance games, 3D reproduction games, logic games…

Programming workshops for teenagers (9-14 years old)

cour programmation 9-14 algora

For teenagers, the Scratch coding workshops are spread over 3 years. They alternate between a lesson during which they are guided in the construction and programming of a robot and a mission for which they will have to be creative!

Year 1 : The 1st year workshops focus on the programming of various sensors (light, sound, touch, infrared). They will program an earthquake detector, cars or an aircraft launcher.

Year 2 : During this 2nd year, teenagers mainly explore mechanical ties and animal walks. Robots are becoming more complex: quadruped robots, bipedal robot, reflex tester…

Year 3

Last year, they moved up a gear and became experts in robot programming: sensors, mechanics, scratching, nothing could resist them!

Algora curriculum robots in video