eBeam Edge + mobile interactive board

eBeam Edge Plus interactive whiteboard

The latest in mobile interactive display boards

The eBeam Edge + mobile interactive whiteboard is the latest marvel developed by Luidia. Thin as an iPhone, light as a packet of cigarettes from before the smoking ban, you can take it anywhere and fit it in your handbag or laptop case.

This mobile IWB allows you to instantly transform any projection surface into an interactive whiteboard, while keeping your existing equipment (video projector, whiteboard, computer…).

It comes with the eBeam Interact software, whose ergonomics and ease of use have made the success of our mobile interactive whiteboard.


The mobile interactive whiteboard that captures on both sides

ebeam edge interactive whiteboard
The mobile eBeam Edge + IWB captures notes from “both sides” of the IWB sensor.

Place the eBeam Edge + interactive sensor in the middle of your board to use the functions of the “projected” interactive board on one side and use physical markers on the other.

The eBeam Edge + interactive whiteboard is equipped with many new features that improve user comfort.

New release: IWB mobile eBeam Edge +

The mobile interactive board eBeam Edge +, the new version of the eBeam Edge IWB, has improved functionalities. The Edge + interactive board  :


  • is more accurate and faster,
  • covers a larger area,
  • features a brand new, thinner, refillable stylus,
  • has a stand-alone wireless version (built-in battery).

The eBeam Edge + interactive whiteboard on video

The interactive whiteboard mobile eBeam Edge + (video).

A mobile IWB for everyone

This material is lent free of charge to schools and businesses.
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