“Je lève la main” interactive response system

je lève la main“Je Lève La Main” is an interactive assessment system for the interactive participation of your students. It helps increase your students’ comprehension level while improving the quality and frequency of their participation in class.

Its use isn’t limited to assessing student performance. “Je Lève La Main” also helps them engage in debate, assemble their opinions on a particular subject, and validate at any time their comprehension level (thanks to the “impromptu” mode which lets you ask questions instantly on-the-fly). It is also a perfect tool to help with all sorts of exchanges and interactive games in the classroom.

The teacher can track individual results in real time as well as class results and access lots of summary tables for later analysis of results.

You can analyze the strengths and weak points for each student, or for the whole class, and track progress and student interactions.

“Je lève la main” is easy, reliable and complete all at the same time, and it can be installed on any PC with a Windows operating system.

Voting boxes for everyone

This equipment is loaned free of charge to educational institutions and businesses.
How can you borrow the “Je Lève La Main” interactive response system?

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Move freely around the class with the “wireless tablet” option

wireless tabletThe digital “SpeechiTablet XL” wireless tablet is integrated with “Je lève la Main” software.

It lets the teacher manage questionnaires remotely, show scores on the screen for quizzes still underway, etc.

After the class is over: analysis of results and progress made

analysis of the resultsThe benefit of the “Je Lève La Main” assessment system reaches beyond just class time.

“Je Lève La Main” software lets you easily track sessions and generate meaningful graphics so you can view the progress of a specific student, a group, or compare different groups to each other.

A wide array of interesting summary reports can be generated automatically.

So the teacher will have access to clear, visually-enhanced reports for evidence of student progress and the subjects that were learned most and least effectively. This information will help teachers tailor their teaching and improve their pedagogical effectiveness.

Long range and reliable interactive boxes

wireless voting boxesThe boxes provided are long range (more than 50 m) and use radio frequencies, so more than 250 users can vote at the same time.

Radio frequency technology is infinitely better than infrared technology, which has much shorter range (10m) and smaller capability (no more than 25 users), and has more sensitivity to ambient light.

Our boxes are equipped with standard batteries (see product specification sheet), whose usage cost is negligible.