Interactive E-CAP screen, for writing as if on graph paper

Interactive display with IR and EMR technology

The E-CAP interactive touch screen is an exceptional collaborative work tool based on the combination of infrared technology and so-called “EMR” technology. Its extreme precision, software suite, advanced technical capabilities, connectivity, and wireless content transmitters make the E-CAP an instrument of work and creativity with immense potential and quality.


The best touch screen for precise line and gesture

The E-CAP touchscreen is the result of the fusion of infrared technology that equips most touch screens on the market with EMR technology. The display system operates these two technologies in symbiosis with each other and with your uses.

The E-CAP touch screen: a complete tool for professionals


An account on the screen for each user with an NFC key

At the base of the E-CAP screen, an NFC reader allows users to log into their account to access their files, settings and applications simply by affixing their NFC key to the reader. Watch the video.


Tools to display the content of your device on the screen

Two Clevershare wireless transmitters broadcast your PC screen on the E-CAP touch screen and transmit interactivity. The image displayed remotely on the E-CAP screen is therefore not a simple image. Edit and interact with what is displayed on your PC from the touch screen.

A software suite

Software solutions for your touch screen fleet

Two solutions provided with the E-CAP interactive display allow you to make the most of your Clevetouch display fleet and facilitate their use across a company or school.


Dynamic display

With Clevermessage, broadcast a message with a customizable layout on the Clevertouch touch screens of your choice. Integrate your logo and various media to inform or broadcast an alert on all your company’s screens.


Management of a fleet of screens

MDM software allows you to easily manage your fleet of touchscreens remotely. Perform grouped actions: turn them off, turn them on, install or uninstall applications on the Clevertouch screens of your choice.