Start-up and support of eBeam interactive screens

Documentations and pilots of eBeam interactive screens

Réf. EBE-55-UHD-AND-003, EBE-65-UHD-AND-003, EBE-75-UHD-AND-003, EBE-86-UHD-AND-003

Integrated PC (OPS)

The collaborative software of the eBeam interactive screen

eBeam Interactive Multitouch 4K

Attention :

The Android eBeam interactive screen does not contain OPS: a Windows PC is required to use the eBeam Interactive multitouch 4K software suite. You can use your own PC (connected to the interactive screen) or one of our OPS, directly integrated into the edge of the interactive screen, to enjoy the eBeam Interactive multitouch 4K software suite on your interactive screen.

Need help? Questions?

We are at your disposal for any problem related to the maintenance or support of this equipment. Simply send a request to our software hotline by simply sending an email to support : Email is our preferred method of intervention, but you can also contact us by phone 03 20 34 74 25 or by fax 03 20 34 74 26.