Improve education, improve education. Improve, improve, improve, improve, improve education, by all means of technology… and good sense.

Speechi Mission

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.

Winston Churchill

Speechi : Universal interactive solutions to enhance training

The ongoing digital revolution is profoundly changing the processes of training and learning.
Speechi uses new information technologies to improve the transmission of knowledge.

Innovating to better share knowledge

Since 2004, we have been developing complete hardware and software solutions that change the way training and presentation is done.

Today, Speechi offers a full suite of solutions for teaching, both in and out of the classroom, assessing knowledge and practice, interacting with your audience and teaching at a distance (MOOC).

Our patented, interactive solutions, incorporating Speechi, evaluation software Je Lève La Main, les SpeechiTouch Android interactive displays and the eBeam mobile IWB (Interactive Whiteboards), are used in tens of thousands of classrooms, universities and businesses around the world.

In addition, we also develop and integrate ranges of document viewers, other micro-viewers and videoconferencing cameras to make sharing and collaboration ever easier.

Mobility at the core

As early as 2004, Speechi recognized that mobility was a key factor in the upcoming digital revolution and focused on the development and integration of nomadic solutions for education.

Lighter, simpler and cheaper to use, they are also better perceived by students who often already use them.

Universal solutions

Our solutions cover all possible and imaginable configurations, fixed or mobile, that schools and companies encounter.

Our software is available on PC / MAC / Linux and on different mobile tablets (IPAD / Androïd).

Discover our solutions

Most of our solutions are available on loan or on trial.
They can also be seen in our showroom, located in Vieux-Lille, 10 minutes from the train station. Don’t hesitate to ask for a presentation.

Our distributors, present throughout France and DOM/TOM, are also able to demonstrate our solutions to you.

Learning to program with educational robots

Educational robot

In September 2017, we set ourselves a new challenge: to teach programming to children, using robots.

Robots for the general public and for National Education (seen on TF1)

Our robots are intended both for the general public and for the National Education. We have developed kits as well as textbooks for middle and high school, adapted to the ministry’s program. A real turnkey educational resource.

Algora Programming Schools

We have also recently created the Algora Schools of Programming. With the ambition to see a hundred franchised schools born in France, the pilot school Algora lilloise opens its doors in March 2018, in our premises in Vieux-Lille, 10 minutes from the train station.

We are living a digital revolution, just as 150 years ago we lived an industrial revolution. And, just as 100 / 150 years ago, the sciences have come to the forefront in education, because they allow us to master the means of production, so computer science – understood in the sense of programming – is coming to the forefront today because the developing world cannot be mastered / understood without it.

Our mission is to make it easier to teach computer science, as well as other sciences and programming with robots that are easy to build and to program.

France’s leading publisher of interactive screens and IWB

A leader in the national interactive display market

In 2012, Speechi launched the commercialization of interactive screens to meet a need in the educational and professional sectors. Unlike fixed IWB and interactive video projectors, the screens do not require maintenance and prior adjustments.

This technology has therefore made other interactive solutions ” outdated “, because of its ease of use (toolbar, simple annotation, very adapted software, practical connections, etc) but above all because of its durability.

Since 2015, all our screens are equipped with an Android core, for a truly intuitive and turnkey use.

Interactive screens are becoming more and more powerful thanks to touch technologies that continue to evolve. Thanks to their infrared technology and 20 simultaneous touch points, SpeechiTouch screens have become the preferred solution for collaboration, whether in the classroom, conference room or meeting room.

In addition to our own screens, we are the only French distributor of the (very) recognized Clevertouch interactive screens since 2016.

Historically, Speechi pioneered the edition of interactive whiteboards


As early as 2003, we saw the value of the Interactive Whiteboard for teaching and developed a version of Speechi (award-winning at Demo 2004, Phoenix, USA)Demo 2004, Phoenix, USA) integrated with IWB and PowerPoint, to allow teachers to better present their content and to improve the quality of lectures.