IWB, IVP and interactive displays

tbi, vpi et ecran interactif

The interactive screen giant (touch) adds both link and a significant amount of coolness to your presentations. Autonomous (operation without a PC thanks to its Android core), it can be handled like a giant tablet.

At the top are the interactive boards (suitable for audiences of up to 50 people), which are easy to use, highlight the speaker and allow him/her to move in front of his/her audience.

Most of the interactive boards installed today in companies are in fact interactive tactile video projectors (the interactive projector is an “all-in-one” interactive board, easier to install and use than the interactive board).

Interactivity and mobility

interactivity and mobility of interactive solutions

There are mobile versions of these tools, which are widely used in companies.

For the same quality, a mobile solution is generally more interesting than a fixed solution and can be used more often (just as a laptop computer is often a better compromise than a fixed one).

Today, 50% of the interactive boards and interactive projectors we sell in companies are sold in their “mobile IWB” form.

Communication and interactivity for companies

Digital tools for training and communication in companies

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Octave Klaba… You admired their presentation shows (mixing multimedia means, sound, light, giant screens, various and varied demonstrations). You would like to reproduce these performances in your environment and it seems quite easy because the technologies used (video projector, PowerPoint, a little video) seem quite simple.

You will face two main problems:

Coolitude is no longer what it used to be

tbi in business

To organize big corporate shows, there are a lot of people “in the kitchen”. Writing, staging the content… are operations prior to the presentation. But during the presentation itself, there are several people who unload the presenter, passing the slides, launching the videos and even taking over in case the demo doesn’t go quite as planned.

This logistics is there above all to make the presenter look as cool as possible. The coolness of the presenter is an important criterion for the success of any presentation or training. The more cool, free of movement, relaxed, detached from the technology he or she uses, the more likely the trainer is to capture the attention of his or her audience and the better he or she will convey the message.

Of course, with few exceptions, you do not have all these means at your disposal in training or during your presentations. Your task is much more complicated than Steve Jobs’. It is important to choose simple and reliable presentation solutions to ensure that your one hundred minutes of coolness does not turn into a few moments of great loneliness.

Use technology to connect with the audience

ecran interactif reunion

Technology should be used to create links with the audience and not to isolate the presenter.

The success of the interactive screen in education is not linked to new presentation features and a table or interactive screen does not provide more functionality than a simple computer mouse.

But the interactive screen, especially when it works like a giant tablet, is a simple way to go back and forth, of a new type, between the board, the computer, the presenter, the audience.

The teacher who uses a IWB will probably create more links than the teacher who works with a simple video projector. He will go to his screen, annotate it, stop a video following a question, etc…. All this improves the link to the room and the presenter’s performance.

Interactive screens in our shop

Ecran interactif SpeechiTouch Visio 65"
Education :
3 259 € excluding VAT
Business :
3 259 € excluding VAT
Education :
2 539 € excluding VAT
( 53,17 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 989 €
Business :
2 669 € excluding VAT
( 55,89 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 089 €
Android Interactive Touch Screen SpeechiTouch HD - 75"
Education :
1 969 € excluding VAT
( 41,23 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 399 €
Business :
2 069 € excluding VAT
( 43,32 € excl tax / month in leasing)
2 549 €
Android Interactive Touch Screen SpeechiTouch HD - 75"
Education :
2 589 € excluding VAT
( 54,21 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 049 €
Business :
2 719 € excluding VAT
( 56,94 € excl tax / month in leasing)
3 149 €

Digital or intelligent markers for note taking

IWB for business: smartmarkerThe new intelligent markers (“eBeam SmartMarker“) capture everything that is written on the board digitally and communicate it to the entire audience.

They operate “tablet off” and do not require a video projector, so the technology remains invisible. They are mobile and can be used anywhere.

They do not change the way of presenting and allow trainers / presenters who use markers to achieve absolute coolness.

Tablets / smartphones and associated tools

mirroring : broadcast your phone screen or tablet on your tvIf you present from a tablet, or a mobile phone, you will certainly gain in coolness – it’s not nothing – but you go back ten years in terms of the presentation itself because you will have to act on a small screen, look at it, touch it… All this cuts you off from the room, as the presenter who presents his PowerPoint from his PC by manipulating his mouse.

However, these objects are so widespread that it is necessary to be able to use them in presentation. There are many interesting presentation software and a wireless “mirror” key technology allows, at a low cost, to send the image of the tablet to the video projector or giant screen (Apple / Windows or Android).

Collaborative software on tablets

survey and evaluation softwareNote that tablets / smartphones have very interesting collaborative capabilities in presentation or training. A speaker can take notice of his or her hearing in a very simple way using “survey” or evaluation software programs such as “Je lève la main”.

The intelligent markers mentioned above allow the content of the board to be sent in real time to the audience’s phones (without the speaker having to use his or her tablet as a presentation tool).