interactive whiteboards

Everything you need to know about interactive whiteboards and mobile solutions

Find out how our interactive whiteboards can help drive collaboration in school or in the office.

interactive touch screens

Everything you need to know about interactive touch screens

Discover our range of Android touch screens. It’s the perfect interactive solution for schools and businesses.

Choose an interactive screen, video projector or whiteboard

Mobile interactive board, an IVP or an interactive screen ? Discover the benefits of each solution and why you might favour an interactive screen.
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robot school

Welcome to robot school

Learning to code young helps kids better understand the challenges of today and tomorrow. Discover our programmable robots that teach kids how to code in school or at school.

Teaching in the age of the digital revolution

The transition to the digital school is in motion : discover our interactive solutions that can help drive progress for future generations.
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interactive whiteboards

Everything you need to know about interactive whiteboards

Find out how interactive whiteboards work in school or in businesses as well as our other Speechi products.

evaluation Software

Software for tablets

Online assessments and evaluation are key to driving progress in teaching methodologies.

interactive video projectors

Everything you need to know about interactive video projectors

How do interactive video projectors work? See our range of touch or stylus models. We can help you find the solution you need.

Wireless presentation (BYOD)

Wow your audience and bring your presentations to life with Speechi’s wireless solutions (wireless display receivers, video conferencing software…).
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Everything you need to know about Speechi visualizers

Discover how a visualizer works and our range of products, whether they be desk or mobile ones.

Interactive collaboration

Interactive collaboration for business

Bring your meetings to life and help drive collaboration in the office with our interactive solutions for business.

Speechi tv

Speechi tv

Découvrez tous nos produits en vidéo, avec des tutoriels, conseils pratiques…

Interactive screens

Mobile Interactive WhiteBoards (IWB)

interactive Projectors + Fixed interactive whiteboards

Interactive Suitcases



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